UIH Sustainability Framework

UIH's Sustainable Business is created from a well-balanced integration of our business success together with corporate responsibility




UIH Sustainability Framework

UIH's Sustainable Business is created from a well-balanced integration of our business success together with corporate responsibility that reflects in our sustainability commitment to the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) program along with Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standards. Such commitments are carried out within the framework of good governance, stakeholder engagement and the evolution of the sustainable information technology systems. The core principles of this framework helps UIH acknowledge that the vision of the organization is to create healthier communities and convey the fundamental issues of the organization’s long-term sustainability growth.


UIH acknowledges the needs to conserve natural resources and preserve the quality of the natural environment for our communities and the future generations. We have made a commitment to operate all environment concerned projects in compliance with National regulations and international standards. Our goal is not only to minimize the negative environmental impact from our operations but also creates a positive contribution to the world. To that end, we measure and take steps as follows:

Technological Process Awareness >> Responsible use of Technology
By fostering a culture of responsibility and business operations, UIH is inspired to take proactive initiatives to develop sustainable approaches such as implementing state-of-the-art technology and new technical devices through our ongoing services in order to optimize efficiency and achieve goals. This practice will eventually contribute to a healthier environment and numerous benefits to the company, stakeholders and business partners of UIH.

Paperless Policy
From environmental to economic level, the benefits of going paperless are substantial. UIH has reduced the amount of papers used in the work process by transferring all data into digital records. Through digitization, unnecessary printing costs, storage use and waste, are diminished respectively. Online platforms and digital technology by all means generate better collaboration, data backup & disaster recovery in compliance with regulations. By minimizing operational risks, all documents need to be archived and stored for 30 years or as stated by law can be managed with full efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Energy
UIH has placed a great emphasis on optimizing energy efficiency. The guideline to a sustainable air conditioning solution is to program the thermostat at 25 Celsius and turn off the AC at 5:30 p.m. onwards. To further create the significance of green energy awareness at all staff levels, all electrical appliances are switched to energy-saving elements and an assigned staff is allowed to operate the lighting system from the central program control.

Safety Workplace
Safety audits at the workplace as required by law are conducted annually. This regulation includes monitoring appropriate lighting level standards and checking the availability of fresh and clean drinking water consumption for all employees etc.


UIH has a strong commitment to socially responsible practices. We aim to promote the well-being of the society, stakeholders and organization. We are also conscious of making a positive impact on both internal and external aspects by maintaining a balance between pursuing economic performance and adhering to societal and environmental issues. The key highlights to embrace social responsibility include:

Human rights
UIH supports all kinds of human rights activities since we firmly believe that it is the fundamental right of our society. We also promote ethical and socially conscious themes including diversity, inclusion, social justice, and corporate ethics, in addition to fighting against racial, gender, and sexual discrimination against internal stakeholder, customers and our business partners.

At UIH, we believe that employees are the valuable asset. It’s our responsibility to maintain a safe working environment and ensure that the occupational health & safety policy complies with Labor laws and regulations. Our goal is to establish a positive workplace culture where employees have equal training opportunities to develop their skills and enhance employee performance to meet company objectives.

Employee Health Care
A basic health check-up program for all employees is scheduled annually. Employees who encounter health risks such as technical department, finance department etc. will receive a comprehensive health screening package related to their job requirements.

Workplace Safety
Every task is a part of a larger process so every step must be clear with detailed guidelines. That’s why, at UIH, a work safety manual and a training session are constantly provided for all new employees. All the documented procedures and work instructions such as safety management on working at height standard, confined space, cable installation and further directives focusing on specific aspects of safety and health at work are maintained as stringent guidelines.

Safety Campaign
UIH is responsible for providing explicit safety and health training programs in accordance with legal legislations to ensure that workers have the required skills and knowledge to safely do their job. In order to promote the essential part of every employee’s safety, we also inform our employees and our contractors about safety campaign by handing out monthly safety news, notifying accidents via online news, guiding cable hauling procedure and any other related fields.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Giving back to the community is a part of our moral ethics. Every year, UIH under Benchachinda Group, has carried out various social activities and contributions including scholarships to Thai youth, medical grants to the healthcare sectors and farm aid grants. We believe that this is the way to help society or groups in the community flourish over a long-term period and for the greater good.


Integrity Contract
UIH has defined what is known as an Integrity Contract, which is one of the governance standards for the procurement to embrace corporate transparency, promote fair competition and develop safety practices in the workplace environment.

UIH opens up for both internal and external stakeholders to report clues or complaints concerning illegal actions, unethical practices and corruptions related to the organization. All submitted complaints will be fully secured, kept confidential and protected by law from retaliation for making a protected disclosure.

Legal Compliance
UIH’s safety policy is in accordance with the Occupational Safety Health and Environment (SHE). We have set up an Occupational Safety Health and Environment committee as required. All safety officers in the workplace including Safety Officers at each level, Safety Supervisors, Security Safety Executives and Professional Safety Officers are appointed accordingly.

Contractor Safety Control
UIH not only emphasizes the importance of employee’s safety procedures but we furnish a safety control measurement for all contractors as well. Safety assessments for contractors will be conducted twice a year. 15% of the safety assessment result is from our permanent contractors. Besides the monthly-scheduled safety program, the required contractors will be reviewed consistently to uplift their below standard performances to meet our standard practice.

Privacy Policy
UIH realizes how important good data privacy practices are in today’s business environment. We have a strong ambition to ensure better security and privacy by adopting and enforcing a more lean data approach which gives us an opportunity to better align data security and privacy requirements with corporate sustainability initiatives. UIH also applies the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems or ISO/IEC 27001 to ensure that this best practice framework will mitigate cyber risks and defend organization’s information against an increasingly complex threat landscape.

Safety, Health and Environment-SHE

Safety, Health and Environment program (SHE) aims to develop holistic approaches to enhancing occupational safety and health through improved worker engagement & wellbeing and sustainable operations across different sectors. In accordance with Safety. Health and Environment (SHE) regulation, UIH has set the guidelines for all employees to pursue as follows:

  1. Train employees how to safely work and prevent harm to people and the environment.
  2. Monitor compliance with Safety, Health and Environment regulations.
  3. Conduct initial inspections of the workplace to identify new or recurring hazards. Identify and evaluate options for controlling hazards involving employees, assets, communities and environment. Develop plans with measures to protect workers during emergencies and no routine activities. Evaluate control measures to determine if they are effective or need to be modified
  4. Educate employees and contractors about Safety, Health and Environment issue during morning talks regularly and maintain internal and external communication regarding this topic at all times.
  5. Evolve the safety management system constantly.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) is like a solid foundation which consists of 3 main pillars as follows:

1. Laws & Regulation Compliance: In accordance with Safety Occupational Health and Environment Law & Regulation

  • Safety Occupational Health and Environment Act B.E. 2554 (A.D. 2011)
  • Ministerial Regulation on the provision of safety officers in the workplace, personnel, agencies or groups of persons to perform safety operations in the workplace, B.E. 2565 (A.D. 2022)
  • Other related laws

2. Safety Health & Environment Element Standard: In compliance with Safety Occupational Health & Environment standards of the company

UIH has conducted a risk assessment to analyze and evaluate options for controlling incurring hazards at the workplace. All employees and contractors are to follow the Safety Occupational Health and Environment Law enforcement as stated.

3. Safety Health & Environment compliance with customer requirement: In compliance with Safety Health and Environment standards according to customer requirements.

While working with customers, UIH regularly complies with our customers’ Safety, Health & Environment standards to ensure that all operations are safe and sound under the framework of Safety law enforcement at the workplace. We also have a substantial policy to annually analyze the internal and external risk factors that affect the company's operations including monitoring performance and evaluating outcomes to meet the Occupational Safety Health and Environment (SHE) regulations. This strong security approach as well as employee-friendly workplace and good management or the team will progress along the path to higher levels of safety and health achievement.