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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing or Pentest is a service that aims to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities within a system, whether they exist within the internal or external infrastructure of an organization, web applications, databases, applications, or other components of the information system. It is an essential component in establishing cybersecurity measures for organizations.

As an expert in cybersecurity, UIH offers three types of Penetration Testing services:


This type of testing is based on external expectations, where the internal behavior of the system is unknown.


Testing is conducted based on high-level database diagrams and dataflow diagrams, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the system’s architecture.


This testing approach focuses on the internal workings of the system, particularly the coding responsible for its functionality.

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  • The organization will be aware of vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the system and will help assess the risks associated with the system, enabling effective security management and reducing the impact of cyber threats.

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