Managed Services

WiFi as a Service

This wireless Internet access for enterprises come with a comprehensive Wi-Fi management system. Users can get support in every step from design, to implementation, to management and also to maintenance. UIH’s professional staff are on duty round-the-clock, offering not only greater convenience but also higher cost efficiency. When customers subscribe for UIH’s Wi-Fi as a Service, they pay just a lease fee. They therefore no longer have to worry about device failures, replacements and repairs, as well as hidden operation costs. UIH customers, as a result, can focus fully on their core business and enjoy business agility. Hiring highly-experienced and certified engineers, UIH efficiently provides after-sale services, consultancy, system maintenance, and problem-solving services. Wi-Fi as a Service by UIH thus means advantages over competitors and opportunities to fly higher. Marketing activities, in particular, will become more efficient with this solution.

Key Features

UIH Cloud Authentication offers greater security and compliance with the Computer Crimes Act*

It is compatible with Wi-Fi Marketing Service and Location-Based Service, increasing service efficiency

It works well with various operating systems, requiring no additional software


  • Fast and convenient services without the need to install Wi-Fi system
  • Lower cost of device/system investments
  • Lower cost of cable installations & removing obstacles from limited spaces or areas unsuitable for cable installations
  • Easier maintenance & lower expenses when compared with wired connection
  • It takes less time to complete implementation
  • 24x7 professional services by specialists

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