Managed Services

Video Conference / Meeting Room

Elevate your meetings with our high-speed internet teleconferencing system. Connect seamlessly as if you were in the same room, enabling real-time interaction through video and audio meetings. Experience convenient file sharing and enjoy the cost-effective benefits of a digital workplace.

Video Conference / Meeting Room

Key Features

Hi-Definition Codec transmitting high-quality HD resolution communications.

Convenient adoption through IP Phone and touch screen system for easy conversations.

Clear picture and sound are enabled by high-quality communication transmission technology over the stable network system.

Multi-person meetings can accommodate up to 16 monitors simultaneously

Unlimited usage with no time limit.

Allow meeting invites to be shared with an external party.

Participants can access the meeting with minimum requirements of internet access.

File sharing capabilities with the option to send files to specific or all meeting participants.


       Seamless meetings regardless of participants' locations, allowing continuous interaction.

       Ability to share messages, images, and content to enhance meeting discussions.

       Increased convenience for meetings by eliminating the need to travel to the office, saving time and money.

       Expanded business communication opportunities, enabling cross-country meetings and collaborations.