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Smart Office Solution

Transform your office into a modern Digital Workplace with UIH Smart Office Solutions. Experience enhanced flexibility and productivity with advanced technology. Benefit from intelligent CCTV security, high-speed internet communication, and seamless online meeting room reservations. Make every meeting convenient and save time while connecting with customers and partners effortlessly. Choose UIH Smart Office Solution Services to create a smarter office environment for the Next Normal era.

UIH Smart Office Solution Services

With smart office solutions that make your office smarter.

Network and Wi-Fi

Experience a high-speed internet service for stable, fast, and secure communication and data transfer.

Enhance efficiency and productivity in your organization with quality Wi-Fi equipment installation, ensuring seamless connectivity to modern devices and innovations.

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Smart Workplace

Cloud CCTV: Experience intelligent security with facial recognition technology. Our CCTV cameras provide highly efficient and clear video recording accessible through high-speed internet. Your data is securely backed up on a standardized cloud system. Enjoy enhanced body temperature sensing capabilities and receive real-time theft alerts on your mobile phone.

Access Control: Ensure a safe and controlled environment by designing and specifying access areas for employees and visitors with our advanced service. Safeguard risky areas and high-security locations like control rooms and server storage rooms, using our Face Scan system. 

VoIP Service: Never miss an important deal from your customers. Revolutionize your business communication with our internet-based telephony system to enjoy crystal-clear conversations, both domestic and international with minimal investment and no need for PABX or server installations.

Hybrid Meeting Room

Smart Meeting Room Design: Embrace the digital age with our innovative meeting room solutions. Accommodating all IoT devices and optimizing collaboration with an online booking system that allows real-time scheduling. Streamline meeting room access for multiple departments and display meeting room format and availability through display screens.

Interactive Whiteboard: Revolutionize your presentations with our cutting-edge digital whiteboard monitor via the internet and Wi-Fi connections for a seamless interactive experience. With touchscreen functionality, remote control, and built-in support for popular online meeting platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, your internal and external meetings will become more engaging and productive.

Key Features

Comprehensive Office Solutions

A one-stop solution for business organizations, providing end-to-end services including consulting, solution design, installation, and after-sales support with enterprise-grade standards.

24/7 Specialist Support

Trustworthy after-sales service provided by a dedicated team of specialists. Available 24 hours a day to address any concerns or issues.

Robust Security

Ensures the protection of sensitive information and assets by adherence to high-security Enterprise Grade standards.


  • Cost Reduction: One Stop Services that help reduce operating costs for your business. From the beginning to the end, we deliver a complete functional solution to support your technology needs.
  • Seamless Connections Made Easy. Simplify the management of devices, including internet connections, security systems, and communication systems as well as meeting room management systems for seamless operations.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Pay a monthly fee and enjoy the benefits without investing in equipment and systems yourself.


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