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Smart Hotel Solution

Transform your hotel into a Smart Hotel with our comprehensive Smart Hotel Solution. Our powerful software and latest smart devices cater to hotels of all sizes, supported by our professional development team from UIH. Elevate your hotel’s operations and guest experiences with our cutting-edge technology.

Our Smart Hotel Solution features a smart technology management system designed to enhance guest convenience and increase service efficiency throughout the entire hotel. From the parking lot to the front desk, rooms, common areas, and even office spaces, we integrate smart devices and infrastructure to create a seamless and modern experience. Stand out from the competition of world-class hotels with customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Smart Hotel Solution

Parking Area

Barrier Gate

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our smart car park system. With automatic barriers and access control, our system effectively manages parking spaces for registered vehicles. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options, supporting cash, credit card, and QR-based payments.

Take your parking area safety to another level with our comprehensive system. Our solution captures photos and videos of drivers, vehicle registration plate details as well as entrance and exit timestamps. This valuable information can be extracted and summarized into comprehensive reports for analysis and management purposes.

Parking Guidance

Say goodbye to the hassle of customers trying to search for parking spaces and improve traffic flows in your car park. Our advanced Parking Guidance system utilizes vehicle detection technology to automatically display the availability of free parking spaces in the area.

Front and Access Control

Fast Check-in

Simplify check-in processes with our smart kiosk systems, designed to manage queues and facilitate customer interactions. Whether it is customer’s self-registration, check-in/check-out process, or employee clock-in and leave management, our systems offer seamless experiences using QR code technology.

Digital Signage

Enhance customer engagement with our digital signage solutions. Display product information, promotions, and news in a multimedia format to captivate customers and visitors. Our stable and agile signage management system allows effective communications in areas such as the front desk, lobby, meeting rooms, and banquet halls.

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Streamline visitor registration with our Visitor Management System (VMS). Register visitor information via a website or smartphone, and our system will promptly notify employees, ensuring efficient visitor handling.

Access Control

Design and assign access to areas in the hotel including rooms, communal spaces and offices for employees and customers. Increase the security and privacy level with our access control system that is suitable for each area of the hotel.

Gate Turnstile

Our personnel barrier system effectively controls access and collects data in common areas. Equipped with anti-pinch and alarm features, it ensures a secure environment. Additionally, it can be integrated with face scanners and temperature measurements for enhanced safety.

Face Recognition

Advanced identification system scans faces to verify historical data and identify individuals, even when wearing masks. It enables seamless entry and exit to rooms and designated areas within the hotel premises, enhancing security and convenience.

Mifare Card

: Simplify access with our contactless Mifare Card system. This versatile solution can be tailored to various applications based on your specific needs. From guest rooms to different usage areas, it provides a seamless and secure access control solution.


Smart Office 

Comprehensive Smart Office solution enhances productivity and convenience in both front and back office operations. Providing secured and flexible work environments, enabling employees to connect with customers swiftly via high-speed internet networks. Store and access data anywhere through cloud-based systems.


Ensure the safety of your workspace with our advanced security technologies. Ranging from face-scanning systems to key card systems to control access and determine entry permissions as needed.


Monitor real-time events through handheld devices with our CCTV surveillance systems. Add additional functionalities such as abnormal event notifications and facial recognition to enhance security in every area of your hotel.

Smart Meeting Room

An intelligent meeting room system allows full control of IoT devices within the room. Avoid duplicated scheduling and streamline meeting operations with online meeting room reservation features.

Interactive Board

Collaborate effectively with our interactive touchscreen whiteboard. Support remote meetings and wireless file sharing, empowering teams to communicate and work together efficiently.

Room Service & Public Area

Environment Control

Offer guests personalized comfort with our intelligent control system. Through a user-friendly application, guests can easily control curtains, temperature, and lighting in their rooms. The system even memorized their previous settings, providing a seamless experience upon their return.

Motion Sensor

Optimize energy efficiency and convenience with our motion sensor system. Designed for rooms and public spaces, the system automatically activates lights and air conditioning when someone walks through or enters the area.

Lift Access

Prioritize guest privacy by implementing our lift access solution. With key card or facial recognition systems, guests can only access the elevator on their designated floor(s), ensuring restricted access to other floors.


Enhance guest experience with high-speed and secured Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the hotel. Our system supports IoT devices and enables seamless connectivity for in-house guests. From in-room phones to backend applications, we ensure reliable connections in all areas of the hotel.

Enhanced Hotel Infrastructure for Smart Devices:

Wi-Fi Solutions

Complete service including design, installation, and maintenance.

Nationwide coverage with stable and secure high-speed wireless connections

Identity verification system for internet usage compliance with the Computer Crime Act

Proper logging of user activity according to regulations

IoT Device Integration: Supports the connections of various IoT devices such as Smart Kiosks, Interactive Boards, Digital Signage, IP-PHONE/Wi-Fi Phone, etc.

Internet & Customer Insight Management

User Management System and Policy for efficient control and monitoring.

Customizable log-in page tailored to the hotel’s branding and requirements.

Single log-in for the entire stay.

Integration with the Property Management System (PMS) for data synchronization.

 Display advertising videos or conduct surveys prior to the login process.

Customer data analysis to support marketing strategy development.

Cloud CCTV

24/7 monitoring of movements within the hotel premises.

Full HD recording even in low-light conditions, with clear identification of faces and vehicle registration plate numbers.

Real-time event monitoring on mobile devices.

Cloud storage of event data on internationally certified infrastructure.

Additional features like abnormal event notifications and facial recognition for suspicious individuals within the hotel premises.

Key Features

Parking Guidance

Self-Service Kiosks

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Motion Sensor

Access Control/ Lift Access

Wi-Fi Solution

Internet & Customer Insight Management

Surveillance Solution/Cloud CCTV

Digital Signage


  • Convenience: A comprehensive ICT service that streamlines hotel management.
  • Reliability: Specialization in high-speed networks and internet connections with nationwide coverage, ensuring stable and secured operations.
  • Affordability: Reduces IT management costs, reinforcing a cost-effective investment.
  • Security: Availability of an expert team in vulnerability detection and network protection to safeguard the hotel network.
  • Access to qualified Experts: Supervision by a team of quality engineers with specific expertise.
  • Personalized Service: Professional handling of issues with 24x7 support.


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