Managed Services

SIP Trunk / IP Phone / Cloud PBX

This service enables customers to make a call via the Internet for cost-efficient communications both within Thailand and beyond. UIH’s Voice service has three categories.

UIH Voice With this solution, customers can make calls between their branches without paying the charge of a long-distance call. However, it is not compatible with landline phones and mobile phones.

SIP Trunk / IP Phone / Cloud PBX

UIH Voice Fixed Line – Lite With this solution, customers can make calls to landline phones, mobile phones, and an overseas destination at a low cost.

UIH Voice Fixed Line UIH gets landline-phone numbers for customers so that they can connect with other landline phones, mobile phones and people overseas at a cost lower than operators’ normal call charges. With these landline-phone numbers, customers can also receive calls.

Key features

Calls between branches are made with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Services are delivered via MPLS Private Link andInternet Link

It is compatible with customers’PABX (private automatic branch exchange) as well as Stand Aloneunits

Call Feature available for easy calls to each branch

It is compatible withCodec G.711a, G.729for coding of speech

Minimum Bandwidth at 50kbps/Concurrent

It is compatible with Voice Gateway’s FXS andFXO

Not compatible with facsimile


  • Money saving with a monthly fixed fee for unlimited call time/number of calls made between branches that are based in different regions of Thailand

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