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SD Internet

SD Internet (Software-Defined Internet)

Driven by the evolving landscape of information technology, the utilization of the Internet by modern business organizations is consistently increasing.  This encompasses diverse operating systems that employees use for their daily tasks such as Microsoft 365, cloud connectivity for work-related activities, online data storage, as well as various software and applications.

Having high-speed internet services may not be sufficient for organizations,

and a high level of bandwidth does not necessarily indicate internet quality. 

Organizations often seek high-quality, cost-effective, and bandwidth-efficient services. However, most of internet services fall short of meeting organizations’ internal bandwidth management needs despite their importance in the era of continuous technological advancement and consistent increase in internet traffic within organizations. 

Upgrade corporate internet to SD-Internet for modern business needs

UIH SD-Internet service is designed for modern businesses to efficiently and optimally manage their internal traffic. It employs SD-WAN devices to oversee both outgoing application traffic on the internet path and secondary usage. This strategic approach not only reduces the need for high bandwidth but also lowers costs for organizations.

Key features of SD-Internet

Optimize Traffic Performance

SD-Internet seamlessly connects with multiple ISPs and efficiently manages traffic at the application level. This enables simultaneous bandwidth utilization (Active-Active) and ensures stable connectivity for essential applications like Microsoft 365 through more stable links. Conversely, less critical applications like social network applications are directed towards secondary links.


Corporate internet requires Public IP addresses to interact with various servers of the company. Achieving redundancy can involve several methods like adding a Fiber Router or incorporating an additional ISP. However, introducing another ISP results in a significant increase in Public IP allocation, leading to higher expenses. SD Internet, on the other hand, offers a more cost-effective solution by utilizing more economical internet connections for redundancy as backup links while maintaining continuous use of the same Public IP.


SD Internet enhances organizational security through features like next-gen firewalls and web filtering. It also facilitates log collection, integration, and authentication, complying with the Computer Crimes Act. Additionally, SSL VPN is available to support remote work for employees to connect securely.

The UIH SD-Internet service ensures increased internet efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses. With its practical features and experienced team, SD-Internet service reduces costs while meeting organizational needs effectively.

Key features

Efficient application-level traffic management

Offers various features

that are suitable for modern work settings, including firewall and SSL VPN


  • Cost reduction through enhanced features compared to standard corporate internet usage
  • Continuous use enabled with redundancy solutions


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