Managed Services

IP Surveillance

The service offers IP-enabled CCTV cameras that instantly connect with the organization’s network and transfer data through the broadband Internet. Users can watch the footages in real time, any time on mobile phones, computers, or tablets. The system supports VDO Analytics, e.g. Face Detection, Area Protection as a security feature and digital marketing tool. UIH provides a total solution ranging from centralized management to 24x7x365 maintenance.

IP Surveillance

IP Surveillance as a Service

Manage your security system through the real-time CCTV cameras that come with technical support.

Face Recognition Service

Recognizes and analyzes faces to accurately identify individuals coming in and out of your office/branches and protect your assets.

Time Attendance

Logs entrance and exit times of employees and facility personnel during office hours and other time periods.

Key features

Supports recording of events through high performance cameras for up to  90 days on the broadband Internet

The event data is stored on an international standard infrastructure

Cameras are monitored around the clock by an experienced team of NOC


  • Provides protection of assets and can be used as legal evidence
  • Supports add-on services, including facial recognition, marketing activities, security, identification of person of interest, etc

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