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Cloud VPN & Cloud Internet

Cloud VPN

Backed by MPLS technology, this new form of services connects high-speed internet with customers’ multi-branch communication networks. Branches therefore can communicate directly, thus enjoying greater data-transmission efficiency. UIH’s Cloud VPN, moreover, enables bandwidth-as-you-go option. This means customers can choose bandwidth based on their actual usage, with cost getting lower and work flowing faster. If customers open more branches, they can conveniently increase their bandwidth too. So, Cloud VPN is a great solution amid ever-changing business conditions.

Key Conditions of UIH’s Cloud VPN

  • 50 Mbps (megabits per second) is the minimum bandwidth allocated to headquarters.
  • 50 Mbps x 2 = 100 Mbps is Cloud Bandwidth for allocation among branches. For example, customers may allocate it equally among 10 branches. Each of 10 branches will get 10 Mbps.

Separate services Fees for Access Fees and bandwidth Fee.

  • If branches need additional bandwidth, it is mandatory that customers buy extra of at least 10Mpbs each time for its headquarters. When the headquarters gets its quota increased from 50 Mbps to 60 Mbps, quota for branches also increases (at the Double Rate: 60 x 2 = 120 Mbps)  
  • Ratio 1:2

Cloud Internet

How good is UIH Cloud Internet?

Organizations with multiple branches often centralize their internet gateway at the headquarters to easily manage policies and enhance security against external threats. However, this setup can lead to a traffic bottleneck, as the headquarters must maintain a large circuit to handle the traffic from all branches.

UIH’s Cloud Internet service offers a solution to this problem. Previously, the entire organization’s Internet Gateway was centralized at the headquarters or main office. Now, we’ve shifted to direct internet access through UIH’s Gateway. This not only reduces costs and eases the burden on the head office in terms of internet traffic but also provides the flexibility to swiftly boost equipment performance when internet usage surges, all without the need for costly equipment replacements. Additionally, we offer various supplementary services to enhance your internet experience, including Cloud Authentication, Cloud Log for storing internet user access data in compliance with the Computer Crimes Act, and a cloud-based Firewall to bolster the security of your organization’s internet usage. You can also take advantage of our Usage report service, which allows your organization to monitor internet traffic usage for each application comprehensively.

Organizations can simplify their internet setup by shifting their corporate Internet Gateway, previously located at the headquarters (HQ), directly to UIH’s Cloud Internet services. This transition not only streamlines the process but also comes with valuable additional services, including Cloud authentication and Usage log, to enhance your organization’s internet solution. Furthermore, you can count on our dedicated team of experts, available round-the-clock, to provide continuous support and assistance.

Key Features

You can connect to the branch’s internet directly through UIH’s Gateway instead of routing it through the head office.

UIH Cloud Internet supports NAT, Basic Authentication, Application Control, and more.

Usage logs are maintained in compliance with the Computer Act of 2017.


 Reduce traffic congestion at the head office.

 Benefits from professional service quality, with specialized experts available 24/7 to ensure system stability and provide attentive care.

Combine it with other additional UIH services, such as Cloud Authentication and Usage Report.

Key features

Full Mesh or direct data transmissions between branches

Any branch can immediately take up the role of the center if some problems hit the originally designated one

Cloud bandwidth can be adjusted between 64 Kbps and 1 Gpbs

It is compatible with various protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, Routing Protocol, IPX, DECNET, and SNA

It accommodates various applications as well as all media types such as VOIP, VDO Conference, and Media Streaming

It enables Quality of Service (QoS) or task prioritization

It operates on the high-speed network certified by MEF CE1.0 and CE2.0 for stability and high security

It can work with Bandwidth of Demand or BoD services


  • It lowers network-management cost for organizations that have many branches
  • It enhances data-transmission efficiency at every branch

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