Cloud & Data Center

Sovereign Cloud 

Think outside the rack!

VMware-based managed “Infrastructure as a Service” in the form of virtual machines and virtual data centers. Suitable for running enterprise applications such as Microsoft AD, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, and Linux.

WHY USE Sovereign Cloud – VMware WITH US?

UIH is the leading multi-cloud service provider in Thailand, providing the best-in-class VMware powered cloud services to help companies meet their business objectives.


OPEX over CAPEX model.


Fully-managed. No more worrying about routine tasks such as backup and monitoring.


Supports complex enterprise architectures.

How Sovereign Cloud Works?

Public Cloud

Connect to your virtual machines via the Internet. Suitable for servers that are used publicly such as web and email servers.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect to your virtual machine via our private link as if your virtual machine is located at your office. Suitable for servers that are internally used by your organization such as ERP, file-share and accounting servers.

Key Features

Intuitive Service Portal


Super Fast I/O with NVMe All-Flash

Auto Backup

Free Static Public IP Address

Unlimited Data Transfer

Real-Time Auto Alert

Servers in Thailand

200/100 Mbps (Dedicated/Shared)