Cloud & Data Center

Cloud Share & Cloud Storage

This solution allows users, no matter where they are, to fast respond to orders from bosses and customers. With UIH’s Cloud Share, they can save, edit and retrieve a file anytime, anywhere. UIH also delivers higher security through Virtualization Partitioning technology. Users, therefore, can be rest assured that their files are safer than when they use other share-filing systems. Subscribing for UIH’s Cloud Share today so that your organization’s members can fast save/receive files either at home and at office. UIH’s Cloud Share is compatible with all operating platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), thus responding well to your business needs in the digital age.

Outstanding Features

It is possible to work anytime, anywhere and with any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Users can work on the same file at the same time

Software as a Service, ready for use without the need to get any additional hardware

No risk of important-data loss


  • Ease of use & compatibility with all operating systems (Web App, Desktop Client or Mobile App)
  • Unlimited use & users can create as many files as they want
  • Instant editing on Web Browser & no need to download files for editing
  • Files can be shared with outsiders via URL links
  • Old versions of files can be retrieved, thus no pain from any accidental file saving
  • It functions just like a folder in users’ device
  • Encryption & virus scan is done for every internal transmission
  • File-saving and receiving can be done via various channels such as FTP, Windows Network Drive, SharePoint, Outlook and NFS
  • Customers can set access level via Active Directory (AD), governing the View, Download, Upload and Edit of each user
  • Fast & convenient searches for target files & compatibility with additional plug-in
  • Traffic-data logs are kept in line with the Computer Crimes Act (Version 2) of B.E. 2560

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