Cloud & Data Center

Cloud DR

DRaaS service in which the customer’s main system is replicated real-time on to UIH’s cloud. The replicated system serves as a standby system that can go active on demand replacing the main system in the event of a failure. CloudDisasterRecovery serves as a more comprehensive fallback system as, the main system’s storage, vCPU, vRAM, Storage, OS, Application, and network.

Outstanding Features

Standard Recovery

Time Objective (RTO) / Recovery Point Objective (RPO) 24 hours. UIH can provide a lower RTO/RPO time at an additional cost

2 DR test rights per annum

UIH offers a dedicated firewall

as a standard feature for every customer. Our customers can dictate their own policies freely such as opening/closing ports, allowing IPs, as well as routing

200 Mbps Dedicated Domestic Internet Bandwidth


  • If the main system crashes. No matter from what, Cloud Disaster Recovery will work immediately
  • Keep your important business moving forward. Business Continuity Plan

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