DDoS Protection

In this highly competitive and hyper-volatile digital world, what would happen if your business and services are interrupted, your transactions and payment methods rendered inoperative due to malicious attacks?

Prevent attacks on the Internet and protect your business now to ensure a safe and uninterrupted operations, avoid loss of business opportunities and build trust and reliability among your customers. Organizations today need to enhance their network security, especially against an attack called DDoS. The Distributed Denial of Service - DDoS - is a type of network attack similar to a Denial of Service (DoS). The key difference is that the DDoS attackers initiate their attacks from several source with an aim to use up the bandwidth of the links to a server, or to overload the server and thereby render it inoperable.

The DDoS Protection service keeps these problems from you by monitoring and effectively addressing attacks in data transmissions. It also assesses the risks of applications and services being used on your network against hackers’ attacks in order to keep your business processes as well as the servers uninterrupted and most efficient.

UIH provides protection against DDoS attacks by identifying and addressing attacks on the network and detecting DDoS and securing the network. The DDoS Protection also comes with a capability to screen junk traffic that may slow down your sites. Rest assured that your sites and networks are safe from DDoS attacks thanks to our team of experts which is on the watch 24/7.