Endpoint Security

Today, cyber threats have grown increasingly advanced and virulent. Malware, in particular, has fast evolved and materialized in various new forms of attacks. Some types of malware can totally bring down internet networks and steal enterprises’ crucial data. In serious cases, data thefts turn a target business inoperable. These cases, of course, cause inestimable damages to the targeted enterprise.

UIH Endpoint Security has been designed especially to deal efficiently with new forms of malware. This ICT solution also works with both computers and servers. It has 100 per cent understanding of malware-attack formats, thus delivering real-time response for full protection. Whenever it detects anything suspicious, it will take immediate actions. Examination and blocking malware are automatic. The solution also analyzes malware entry points to identify root cases, issue alerts, and assess risks to enable even greater protection efficiency in the future. Users of UIH Endpoint Security, therefore, can be worry-free and enjoy smooth flow of business.