This solution is provided in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). When customers subscribe for the Authentication service, they can identify internet users within their organizations and conveniently comply with traffic-log requirement of the Computer Crimes Act (Version 2) of BE2560. UIH’s Authentication requires every user to type in his/her username and password before accessing internet. The log-in allows UIH customers to know internet usage by each user.

UIH has prepared two main types of Authentication services for its customers. Include:

  • Cloud Authentication for Corporate: It is recommended for organizations granting internet access to its own staff, which can be easily identified by full name or staff-ID number.
  • Cloud Authentication for Hotspot:It is recommended for organizations that offer internet access to customers in their compounds such as banks, hotels, restaurants, cafes, or restaurants. This service allows UIH customer to designate Up Speed/Down Speed as well as access time for each user. This solution comes equipped with a system to print out voucher/coupon containing Wi-Fi passcode, and to store national ID card number of internet users. UIH also offers an optional service of Self-Register. This way, users can register themselves for Wi-Fi password without bothering the staff of UIH’s customers.

Moreover, UIH offers consultancy, design, and implementation services for Authentication on Cloud and also on Premise, as per customers’ needs.