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UIH Upgrades Terabit Networks Nationwide

UIH is gearing up to upgrade its backbone network throughout the country to achieve Terabit per second (Tbps) capabaility, aiming to become a hub of international gateway in ASEAN.

Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Managing Director of United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH), a digital infrastructure and solution provider member of Benchachinda Holding Group, said UIH is planning to become a hub of international gateway in ASEAN by upgrading its existing backbone network to achieveTerabit per second (Tbps) capabaility.

UIH Terabit Networks, which can be scaled up to 8 Tbps, offer data connection between Thai borders nationwide and ASEAN countries. The company has laid down the third main fiber-optic line along 2,500-km railways to enhance network stability and serve the increasing of international bandwidth demand.

According to Telegeography Global Bandwidth Report, the usage of international bandwidth between 2016 to 2023 in Asia is predicted to grow 47 percent annually with the total bandwidth usage at 1,128 Tbps. In Thailand, the usage is expected to grow by 33 percent each year, having the total bandwidth capacity at around 22.72 Tbps in 2023

Top-ranking category of used capacity, which showed the highest growth in Asia, are content providers including Google, Facebook and Microsoft; Educational and Research Institutions; and Internet Service Providers.

Mr. Sunti said UIH Terabit Networks have been developed based on cutting-edge Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology and Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) framework. The technology enhances network traffic management by allocating the best route for rapid data transmission. 

UIH Terabit Networks offers high efficiency for domestic and international communications such as video conferencing, video streaming, ultra high definition (4K) data upload and download, Artificial Intelligence( AI), Big Data analysis and Internet of things (IOT).

Additionally, UIH has established 7 different strategic locations across Thailand to enhance high performance of connectivity with ASEAN countries. First location is in Chiang Rai province (on the border between Myanmar and Laos) Second location is in Tak province (border to Myanmar). Third location is in Nong Khai Province (border to Laos) and the fourth location is in Mukdahan province, a boundary between Laos and the route to Vietnam. Next location is situated in Srakaeo province (border to Cambodia and Vietnam). The last two location are in Songkhla province where mark the boundary between Thailand and Malaysia. UIH also setup two Point of Presences (PoP) both in Singapore and Hong Kong to connect to all global providers.

“As a hub of international gateway in ASEAN, we move a step further to offer international connection with our cutting-edge Terabit Networks to respond the increasing demand of bandwidth usage in this region,” Mr. Sunti said.

He added that the southern part of Thailand is also a potential area for UIH’s network implementation. Hat Yai, the largest district in Songkla province for business and communication hub of the South, is set to be a major communication hub of UIH’s network to oversea with two inter-border connecting points located at  Padang Besar and Janglon district, which is the Thai-Malaysia border. 

The company has also partnered with telecommunication providers in Malaysia to provide direct connection to Singapore and other networks worldwide.