UIH has launched a new Smart Firewall service expanding the security to branch offices around the country.

UIH, a leader of Managed Service Provider of Thailand, has launched a new Smart Firewall that is ready to bring security to all branch offices, factories in industrial estates, and mid level hotels in all regions. This is done by emphasizing on the installation speed, network features, and complete security in the price that is equivalent to the use of normal routers connecting to the head office

UIH in cooperation with Juniper Networks has launched a new Smart Firewal

Today, cyber threats have grown more varied in forms and more virulent in nature including breaching through loopholes, ransoms, and information thefts. Sometimes these are severe to the point of internet system failure in the organization resulting in damages both in terms of finance and reputation which in some cases, they are inestimable

UIH recognizes the imperative of having robust security system especially in branch offices in the regions that has limited personal resource and budget. Therefore, the Smart Firewall solution is offered which is a service for protecting network system of the organization from various threats including attack through loopholes, malware, spam, as well as supporting the organization to use internet with better speed, stability, and security

Smart Firewall is the mixture of the latest technology by Junipers Networks which combines the characteristics of a router and the next generation Firewall together in a single device under the concept of Detect, Defend, and Defeat as follows

  • Detect:  to detect and prevent the attack from the outside
  • Defend:  to prevent internet access without a permission as well as control of other applications to be conformed with security policy of the organization
  • Defeat:  to reduce the loophole for the attack of cyber threats, prevent malware, spam, and undesirable behaviors in real time

Moreover, the Smart Firewall also provides service for routing including Dynamic routing, VPN, NAT, and IPSec Encryption as well as storing log according to Computer-related Crime Act, 2017

“We select the latest technology from Juniper because it is a device that can answer All-in-one task requirement both in the aspects of network and security as well as the stability at the five nine level (99.99%) at the price which is considered to be highly worthwhile. The important thing is that UIH has a team of expert engineers with trainings and Juniper certificate more than 50 persons. This ensures the ability to look after the connection of the customers at the highest security” – Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, UIH senior vice managing director

Auto-configuration system that is ready to be installed and used within 10 minutes

To increase the speed and flow of the work, many organizations in the present started to permit their offices to connect to the internet directly without passing through the network of the organization which therefore, the security policy at the branch office must be created. The Smart Firewall has the Auto-configuration quality supporting the ability to configure and manage the device from head office to be ready for the usage within 10 minutes reducing the cost for sending a staff for the installation

The important thing is that UIH has the best practices for each type of organizations in order that the branch office can connect to the head office and internet with high speed and security

UIH has more than 40 service centers throughout Thailand with more than 50 expert engineers who acquire Juniper network certificate. This provides the confidence for the readiness to service and supervise the branch office, factory in industrial estate, and mid-size hotel in every region of Thailand to be ready to connect to the internet and head office with highest security

In the present, several companies started to be alert for the cyber threats increasingly and it is the duty if UIH to increase the security of these companies especially the branch office in distant area with limited personnel resource. We consequently provide Smart Firewall services in term of the Managed Security Service that is ready for the complete installation, adjustment, and monitoring.” — Mr. Sunti Medhavikul added

UIH Smart Firewall, better security and more affordable

UIH is ready to provide Smart Firewall Services in term of Managed Security Services from sorting out for the installation equipment, adjustment of the usage to be conformed with the organization policy, monitoring the threats, and complete equipment maintenance service. This is well suited for a branch office with limited personnel resource by which the mentioned service is in the mean of monthly subscription with the internet connection and MPLS fiber at the price equivalent to the rent of the general router for connection to the head office which the Smart Firewall package consists of

    • Smart Firewall supports the maximum speed of 200 Mbps (act as a router)
    • MPLS Fiber
    • One Stop Service looked after by experts for 24 hours.  
    • The service cost starts from 8,800 baht per month

    Anyone, interested in the Managed Services relating to the network, ICT solutions/security, and Cloud of UIH, can contact the sale department that is looking after you or the marketing department by number 0-2016-5000 or at the email info@uih.co.th.

    credit: https://www.techtalkthai.com