UIH Smart Collaboration : Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

Supporting the digital way of working, this solution promises higher work efficiency, greater work continuity, lower travel risks, and less chance of getting exposed to dirt, germs, and unforeseeable virus. UIH Smart Collaboration offers teleconferencing service by leveraging UIH’s terabit-level communication-network technology to make work flow faster in an easier and more convenient manner for customers. At fingertips, customers can join a conference anytime, anywhere on any device. Companies no longer have to allocate large amounts of money for travel, conference calls offer the chance for a large number of people regardless of location and time to participate or listen in, on a meeting. They can even share files and documents instantly.

UIH Smart Collaboration features three forms of services.

VDO Conference

This teleconferencing service connects at least two meeting venues together through HD-level devices, connections over standard platform, and high-speed internet. With this service, a teleconference makes participants feel like they sit in the same room. Files can be sent and received both domestically and internationally.  

Web Conference

Such teleconference is for participants at a headquarters and its branches, accommodating up to 100 participants each time. For as long as customers have internet signal, they can share data, audio and video content safely and conveniently anytime.

Virtual PBX

Through high-speed internet network, this service enables customers to make internal phone calls within their organizations. Customers therefore can enjoy fast communications without any need to invest in device installations.

Fast, Convenient and Stable Communication 
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