UIH Offers Award-Winning Managed Services Frost & Sullivan Names UIH the 2016 Thailand Managed Service Provider of the Year

In Digital-Economy Age, the increasingly advanced technology has played a big role on business scenes as it enables the indispensable constant communications. The launch of Cloud services, in particular, has given a big boost to Internet-based connectivity. But all at the same time, Cloud trend means all enterprises now need bigger bandwidth and minimized transmission delay. Such need has posed quite a big challenge to the IT industry to design a network and Internet platform that can meet enterprises’ expectations. 

The connected world may be convenient, but it also comes with growing cyber threats. Every day, new threats have arisen in various forms, for example, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), Advanced Malware, Zero-day Exploits, or Ransomware. Security Operation Center (SOC) has thus become a crucial part of every enterprise. And every SOC needs experts in monitoring, detecting and acting to a cyber threat before it harms the IT system and cripples everything.

UIH Provides Managed Services for Network, IT SolutionsSecurity & Cloud Services

As a network or an IT system has to deal with many threats and answer to many needs, things are getting too sophisticated for an enterprise with limited staff to manage everything for its IT needs. Aware of this fact, UIH has now offered Managed Services to help its customers efficiently handle its wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) in every stage from design, to installation, to monitoring and to protecting the network/ system around the clock. Because UIH can lift off customer’s IT workload, customers can easily focus on their core business operation. 

Managed Services by UIH cover:

  • Network: Managing a Private Network and Internet service, fine-tuning its IT infrastructure system for maximum Internet speed, and updating hardware as well as software
  • IT SolutionsSecurity: Operating SOC with authentication feature, logging, fine-tuning for maximum efficiency, and issuing alerts upon detecting threats or abnormality 
  • CloudProviding Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Cloud Security and Data Center services.  

When it comes to managing a network or an IT security system, a new trend is coming because the said network and system has become too sophisticated for enterprises to handle by themselves. Knowing how various enterprises are struggling with IT-management issues, UIH is offering its customers Managed Services. With such choices, customers can focus fully on their core business operation and leave network/ IT issues in the hands of UIH specialists. 

Managed Network Services for Every Need in Digital-Economy Age

UIH ranks among Thailand’s first Managed Network Services providers. Offering broadband services for 20 years, UIH has foreseen the trends of LAN and WAN. So, it can always efficiently design and fine-tune customers’ networks for full efficiency. Managed Network Services by UIH provide comprehensive care for customers’ whole network. 

Strengths of Managed Network Services by UIH

  • Bandwidth on Demand (BoD): It allows customers to adjust either up or down their bandwidth quota via Web Portal Service. Adjustments can be made both for their head offices and branches.
  • Best Route: This key feature directs Internet traffic through the fastest and most stable route.
  • Cloud Direct: Directly linked to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Google, it ensures UIH customers enjoy faster speed from these Cloud-based services and at a lower cost.  
  • Hardware and software for rent: This means customers enjoy up-to-date hardware and software all the time, with lower capital expenditure and operating expenses
  • With more than 20 years of  experience, SOC/ NOC specialists are ready a round the clock to protect customers’ networks. 

Adjusting Bandwidth the Way You Want with Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) offers real-time adjustment of bandwidth for data transmission between head offices and their branches. Customers can adjust their bandwidth quota either up or down via UIH-enabled Web Portal Service. BoD delivers great flexibility for bandwidth management, with zero document procedures, BoD allows customers to adjust bandwidth fast in response to their needs. Customers, therefore, are set to enjoy maximum efficiency and cost efficiency. 

Bandwidth on Demand is available in two features:

  • Instant BoD: Adjustments can be made anytime in a real time manner
  • Scheduled BoD: Adjustments can be scheduled in advance

Managed Service Provider of the Year Guarantees Excellent Services 

Frost & Sullivan has named UIH the 2016 Thailand Managed Service Provider of the Year in recognition for its business growth, innovations, and service development in line with international standards. UIH, in particular, is Thailand’s first provider to receive MEF CE 2.0 certification. Its Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) also proves outstanding because it enables customers to adjust their bandwidth with much flexibility in response to the changing needs during the Digital-Economy Age.

“We have developed our technology and human resources on a continuous basis. Not only that we have won the 2016 Managed Service Provider award, but we have also received the MEF CE 2.0 certification. We are the first and only operator in Thailand to have been certified both for network and service quality. At UIH, true specialists are on hand to serve our customers. These specialists have managed SOC/ NOC for more than 20 years already, thus having solid abilities and experiences to provide practical and efficient counseling. On top of this, we have introduced innovative services such as Cloud VPN and Cloud Internet to facilitate our customers’ Digital Transformation. In other words, our customers can enjoy network flexibility. They can fast adjust the services in response to their needs”. -- UIH senior deputy managing director Mr. Sunti Medhavikul 

Case Study: Managed Services for Retailers

Throughout the past two decades, leading firms in Thailand have placed their trust in the Managed Services by UIH. The country’s biggest retailer, for example, has chosen UIH MPLS in connecting its branches across Thailand. UIH makes it possible to integrate both Wired and Wireless services to respond to different needs among all these branches, taking into account different application formats and needed bandwidth. Moreover, UIH has offered security features for each application with authentication system in place. Logging services are also available to ensure the client comply with the 2017 Computer Crime Act. 

Because retailer business usually setup stages for various promotions and events, Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) from UIH presents itself as a great solution to ensure our client gets needed bandwidth anytime, anywhere. UIH, moreover, offers 7/24 monitoring services and thus the client can be rest assured that its IT system is well protected at all time. With fully-protected and efficient IT system, its business can run not just so smoothly but also so efficiently. 

About UIH

United Information Highway Company Limited or UIH, a part of the Benchachinda Group, has operated its businesses in the ICT industry for well over 50 years already. Over the period, it has served more than 3,000 customers in both the private and government sectors. At present, UIH has expanded its services from broadband to Managed Network, IT Solutions/ Security and Cloud Services, in response to the Thailand’s transition into the Digital Economy. As the new age of Digital Economy requires advanced network services, high bandwidth, lower transmission delay, great IT security and also privacy, UIH has stepped in to provide solutions to customers’ emerging needs. 

If you are interested in getting Managed Services for Network, IT Solutions/ Security and Cloud services from UIH, please contact UIH sales team or marketing team via Tel. 0-2016-5000 or email: .