UIH Aims at Becoming ASEAN’s Digital Infrastructure & Solution Provider in 2018

UIH, Thailand’s leading telecom operator, has planned to enhance its infrastructure, bolster its Cloud and Data Center systems, as well as offer total ICT solutions under its 2018 strategies for the ultimate goal of becoming ASEAN’s No. 1 Digital Infrastructure & Solution Provider

The Goal to Become Digital Infrastructure & Solution Provider

As Thailand 4.0 Era is materializing, enterprises in the country have embraced technologies and innovations to facilitate their operations, create new opportunities and compete against foreign competitors. Digital Transformation, as a result, has spread all over Thailand. In response to this trend, UIH has formed Managed Service teams to deliver total ICT solutions to its customers. With efficient IT Infrastructure, Software and Cloud system, UIH is well ready to empower its corporate clients and establish Thailand as the center of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

In 2018, UIH is set to take another big leap and transform itself into a prominent Digital Infrastructure & Solution Provider in the region. Four key strategies have already been formulated as UIH plans to provide infrastructure, Data Center, Cloud services, and ICT solutions to customers in not just Thailand but also the whole Southeast Asia. These strategies are:

1. Upgrading Infrastructure Network to Terabit Level

In the Digital Age, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data have gained solid presence as smart phones and tablets have become indispensable items in everyday life. Indeed, people want to stay connected and use various Internet-based applications all the time. Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Storage thus gain popularity. Bandwidth usage, meanwhile, has kept rising fast and massively.

Bandwidth demand in Thailand has already risen to 4 Tbps (terabytes per second). It is estimated that the demand will jump further by five times to 20 Tpbs within the next five years. UIH – which is Thailand’s first infrastructure network provider – has therefore decided to invest Bt1billion for the full upgrade of its backbone network so that it can achieve the impressive speed of 1 Tbps. UIH has also planned to upgrade the speed level to 4 Tpbs in the future. As for now, the firm has already increased one more fiber optic route to its network bringing the number of fiber optic routes in its ownership to three. Together, they have covered the distance of well over 2,500 kilometers. On top of this, UIH has integrated Huawei’s most modern DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology into its network so as to further enhance stability, quality, and ability to respond best to the connectivity needs of large organizations as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

UIH, moreover, has partnered with leading telecom operators in various countries namely Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia for its great coverage in the AEC region. UIH network has had Points of Presence (PoP) in Hong Kong and Singapore too. Thanks to such partnership, data transmission across the AEC can be done real fast over UIH network. The network’s global connectivity is also real impressive

2. Partnership with Mega-Cloud Providers

UIH has been an official partner of various mega-cloud providers namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Cloud. With UIH’s Cloud Direct, users of those world-famous cloud providers’ services can avoid communication-delay problems and enjoy more stable services.

At present, UIH has been an Authorized AWS Direct Connect Partner and also an Authorized Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute & CSP Partner.

3. UIH Data Center Ring to Connect Data Centers across Thailand

UIH is preparing to launch a new data center at the Benchachinda Building. With the capacity to accommodate up to 300 racks, this new facility is well ready to efficiently deliver Co-location and Private Cloud services – which have seen growing demand in recent years. On top of this, UIH will develop the Data Center Ring to connect to Data Centers across Thailand. Leveraging UIH’s fiber-optic network, this ring will cover about 20 data centers belonging to TCCT, Supernap, NTT, INET, and many more. The move will give customers more alternatives. Thanks to UIH Data Center Ring, they have the option to choose the data center service provider that best responds to their needs in regards to locations, tier level, and expertise

4. Total Digital Solutions

In response to the Digital Transformation trend, UIH launched Managed Service in 2017 so as to bring total IT solutions to customers. The Managed Service covers not just infrastructure but also IT security solutions, Cloud and Software support. In 2018, UIH is set to take its services to the next level. New solutions will be launched to better respond to Cloud-related demand, offering customers the option of Operating Expenses. They can turn to UIH for various Software as a Service (SaaS), Document Management, Network Monitoring Management, Wi-Fi Analytics and even Map as a Service. Consultancy, implementation, and 24/7 monitoring and support are available at UIH 

Frost & Sullivan has recently named UIH the Thailand Enterprise Data Communication Service Provider of Year 2017. This award is a remarkable recognition on top of the great achievement UIH won a year earlier. In 2016, UIH was named Thailand Managed Service Provider of the Year. Such accolade are solid proof that UIH has responded efficiently to business enterprises’ needs in the Digital Age with services on par with international standards. UIH, moreover, has already got MEF CE 2.0 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications

“These four strategies will help UIH deliver high-quality Internet network to all countries in the AEC and connect them together. With UIH network, all industries will be well equipped to undergo digital transformation for business opportunities and greater competitiveness at the international level. In implementing its strategies, UIH will establish itself firmly as ASEAN’s No. 1 Digital Infrastructure & Solution Provider,” UIH managing director Mr. Sunti Medhavikul concludes