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UIH and Partners Present UIH Business Solution & Digital Workplace Solution at Accelerate Your Future with UIH Seminar

United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH), the ultimate ASEAN's Digital Infrastructure and Solution Provider, has organized a seminar to showcase the bright potential of its UIH Business Solution and Digital Workplace Solution. Ushering towards the future of work, these solutions promise to liberate the way of working through greater flexibility and greater independence. In the Digital Age, people no longer have to work inside their offices only. There is no need to rely on just one single office computer anymore. In response to such trends, UIH has staged the “Accelerate Your Future with UIH” seminar. Contributed by executives and staff of not only UIH but also its more than 10 partners, this grand event of the year has attracted more than 300 visitors from 200 organizations

Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Managing Director of UIH, says, “This seminar, Accelerate Your Future with UIH, aims at revolutionizing business-solution services in the Digital Age. Through the event, we present Digital Infrastructure & Business Solutions to empower all types of enterprises paving way for them to compete well in the business world. In boosting our strengths, we have now partnered with several world-class tech firms based on the concept of service synergy that holds key to Digital Transformation embraced by organizations in this era. Thanks to solid partnerships, our event features the most prominent IT experts”

Mr. Kittipong Asawapichayon, Country Manager, IBM Cloud & Solutions of IBM Thailand Company Limited, delivers Accelerate Change, A New Way Forward” lecture at the event. He offers insights about technology-empowered businesses and explains how technologies enable organizations to satisfy digital-age customers more

Mr. Somsak Mukdavannakorn, One Commercial, Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners Lead of Microsoft (Thailand) Limited, meanwhile makes the presentation on “Accelerate Growth and Profitability, Transforming Your Service”. His talk recommends organizations to embrace digital transformation and change their work concepts for greater competitiveness

UIH has also been honored by the contributions of many more experts from various other firms. They have come together at the seminar to create new opportunities for enterprises to roar ahead with innovations. Practical tips are given to help them adjust well to emerging trends in Digital Economy. At the seminar’s discussion on “Overcome the 3rdWave of Digital Disruption”, these gurus have shared valuable business knowledge and updated all participants about latest digital technologies

Joining the first part of the discussion are Mr. Jessada Sookdhis, CEO at FINNOMENA & President at Thai FinTech Association, Mr. Voravudh Varikarn, Country Manager at Jobs DB Recruitment (Thailand), and Mr. Wason Phakdeesattayaphong, Head of Zero to One Startup Studio at SCG Digital Transformation. They have exchanged viewpoints about new ways of business doing, offering useful glimpse into what digital transformation can do for the business world. Their discussion not only present useful concept but it also points at business opportunities that enterprises can grasp

The second session of the seminar brings Mr. Tanin Noirungsee, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud BU Thailand of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd, Mr. Sompoat Chansomboon, Managing Director of dtac Accelerate, and Mr. Pakasit Wattana from Brainergy’s Digital Monetization to the stage. Together, they have discussed how technology and innovations can facilitate work flow and deliver greater convenience to all. For example, e-tax invoice application can be developed for enterprises’ greater efficiency, further success and ability to keep pace with the digital world

UIH has now packaged IT solutions on its Digital Infrastructure as “UIH Business Solution”, which is designed for digital-age businesses. Promising to empower retailers and logistics service providers, the solution enables perfect supply-chain management for the whole process from manufacturing, to warehousing, to transportation, to distribution and even to the stage of service delivery and merchandising. The UIH Business Solution offers greater cost effectiveness and works perfect alongside “Digital Workplace Solution” which presents collaborative work environment of the future. Thanks to digital tools such as Cloud, people can communicate and work together through multiple devices and channels. Digital Workplace Solution by UIH has even allowed co-workers to check work updates real time and easily share their files with others. Truly responding to digital workforce’s needs, solutions by UIH can add value to all types of businesses. Operating on UIH’s best digital infrastructure, the UIH solutions are ready to drive customers’ businesses ahead so that they can prosper alongside UIH in all years to come

"Accelerate Your Future with UIH"
by Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Managing Director of UIH

"Overcome the 3rd Wave of Digital Disruption"