Success of UIH in the network creation in the 4.0 period

United information Highway Co., Ltd. or UIH, the complete IT service provider for organizations, is a creator of the communication network that covers every economic area across Thailand down to the sub-district level by having complete self-management for the network and various IT solutions that come with many solutions to be chosen from according to the demand of each business type. Our business has been operated with strong emphasis on quality at the international level

We can also make the connection between countries for the communication between AEC countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam or to other countries, more than 120 countries, around the world through information connection between countries (International Gateway) with effective network system and flexibility for the suitable connection according to the demand of every business type. UIH has created 7 network connecting points across the countries to connect the communication to each country in ASEAN and PoP (Point of Presence) in Singapore and Hongkong to support the expansion of the communication network around the world

UIH has operated the business with determination in term of service development at all time especially for providing the communication network service at the organization level in which the vital things that are emphasized are the network stability, good service, and competitive ability. It is the challenge of UIH to select network devices that are highly effective, and software that is developed and can be adjusted according to the need of the business

Col. Ruangsub Kovindha, Chief Executive Officer of United Information Highway Co., Ltd. or UIH has reviewed that “For the competitive ability of UIH and the ability to provide service for the customers effectively, the network devices must be able to support the work with effectiveness, security, and readiness to provide the service to the customers, Non-Stop for 7 days, 24 hours without stopping the work. Therefore, it is necessary to choose technology that can meet the demand combining with the expertise of the technology or vendor owner that has the flexibility to adjust the software according to the maximum business suitability”

Col. Ruangsub explained that UIH has pleasant experience with technological usage and network devices of Huawei for more than 10 years which it is accepted that Huawei is outstanding in the area of telecommunication technology that meet the demand for the task of UIH. Huawei’s technology has grown continually from communication network device technology, wireless technology, IT technology at the organization level such as Cloud computing and Broadband communication technology 

After the consideration of various factors in 2014, UIH decided to invest in an important device for the communication system which is DWDM Transmission. It is found that the efficiency of Huawei devices is high in effectiveness comparing to technology from other service providers

Combining with the flexibility to provide services both in the equipment and the service, it can answer the business demand of UIH and in addition, there is a cooperated research and development in various project which it is a chief aspect that can be seen for the consideration to invest with Huawei


After that, UIH has increased the investment with Huawei for the devices in the user side which they are devices used for signal transmission to the service provider (CPE: Customer Premises Equipment) such as Access Switch-Router which is tested for the effectiveness at the international level. When the development is further progressed by UIH’s engineering team until it became a solution that can be used for connection under the customer condition conveniently by mean of Plug and Play, the system then can work from the command center to take care the customers with ease

The investment that UIH has advanced is the equipment for the main network which is highly necessary for UIH business type by which it is clearly worthwhile in 10 years period. The network then has continued to grow with the readiness for the expansion of business to ASEAN region supporting the business growth

“The decision to choose Huawei at that time was because of technological expertise and the continual development of the organization. Now, for the survival of giant companies in technology industry, many brands have faced with problems but on the other hand, Huawei has grown substantially. It is considered to be the technological purchase for the future based on a correct decision which effects directly in term of business distinctly”

“An impressive experience in Huawei performance is the comparison between work qualities with other brands which Huawei’s devices can give indifferent performance including LAN switching and router indicating the quality and durability. Huawei can answer the demand and pass the quality test resulting in confidence with some better qualities and reasonable price ensuing by the competitive ability in the market” 

In the present by Huawei technology, UIH can develop diverse services on the stable and flexible network, and is ready for the development along with the development policy of the country in this digital age or Thailand 4.0 with the readiness to provide a modern network service or it can be called as the network in this 4.0 period. This is for the highest effectiveness that can create new products or services for the customer

With gratitude for information from CIO World & Business