Easy Money Opts UIH To Transform IT Infrastructure

Easy Money selects UIH to transform its whole IT infrastructure to cloud platform, with high speed network connecting 50  branches nationwide, to offer online and offline customers secured transactions.

Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Managing Director of United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH) under Benchachinda Holdings Limited, said UIH is entrusted by Easy Money Co., Ltd., Thailand’s largest pledging institution under the brand "Easy Money" to use UIH’s service to help the company transform its whole IT systems to serve the increasing growth of Easy Money’s online and offline customers.

In the transformation process, Easy Money will move its IT systems to Cloud platform using Cloud Server to process, back-up, and manage all business tasks replacing the traditional servers that are located in each branch. 

The new system will help Easy Money to better manage IT resources according to requirements in the digital era while serve the demands in using enterprise software in the future. Using cloud service will enable Easy Money to efficiently manage cost and expenses while increase the efficiency, agility, and flexibility of its IT systems.


UIH’s Cloud Virtual Private Network (Cloud VPN) is implemented based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to connect all 50  branches together as if they are next to each other. Each branch is supported by two separate fiber circuits for reliable services to ensure speed and secure data transmission and ready to serve the expansion of new branches in the future.

Additionally, UIH offers comprehensive after-sales service including incident  notification, 24-hour maintenance service, with 24-hour network monitoring by UIH’s Network Operation Center (NOC).

“It is UIH’s honor that Easy Money has chosen our service to help transform its IT infrastructure to respond to the demands in the digital era that require speed of time to deal with the competition in the market. We are confident to provide services with quality, safety and standards to help Easy Money's business grow together,” Mr. Sunti said. 

UIH is a digital infrastructure and solution provider, offering terabit-per-second network service covering all over the country. The company provides a comprehensive communication technology service, consisting of network management, data center, cloud, cyber security, and solution integration.