Easy, Convenient, Fast, Flexible Anywhere, Anytime
BoD (Bandwidth on Demand) gives customers a tool to efficiently manage their bandwidth. By logging into
UIH’s Web Portal Service (, they can adjust their bandwidth and more on their own. In all,
UIH BoD answers to every needs as a Dynamic Bandwidth Provider.

UIH has brought BoD services to the new level by offering customers flexible bandwidth quota. When bandwidth can be adjusted up or down conveniently, customers enjoy not just greater cost efficiency but also greater business success.

Service delivery is available in two forms:
1. Instant Bandwidth on Demand: You can instantly increase or reduce your bandwidth quota
2. Scheduled Bandwidth on Demand: You can set the Start-Stop times for bandwidth management


Note: The system automatically stores Log Records about bandwidth adjustment so as to enable customers to check the history.

Examples of How BoD Work:

  • Hotels: Bandwidth can be increased during High Season or Peak Season
  • Hospitals: Bandwidth can be increased during telemedicine
  • Educational institutes: Bandwidth can be increased during semesters-Broadcast operators: Bandwidth can be increased during broadcasting hours
  • Other businesses: Bandwidth can be increased when needs arise, for example when Video Conferences are called
  • Additional bandwidth for Data Recovery Site is needed because Data Center Site is down
  • Additional bandwidth for Backup Link is needed because Main Link is down
  • Additional bandwidth is needed because congestion hits;
  • Peak Usage Periods like Batch Process, Storage Backup, BIG Data Transfer, or Cloud Service that have high traffic during just some periods