Accelerate your Business to Office 365 by UIH Services

Nowadays, Microsoft Office 365 is becoming very popular for business users due to its main ability that allowing users to work from anywhere based on cloud technology and Internet and also its new financial approach that turn CPEX to month fee

However, as we all know, there is always security risks using Internet. Therefore, Internet which is meant to be used with Microsoft Office 365 should be equipped with appropriate cyber security protection as shown in example picture below

Too much control, however, could cause bottle-neck for the service. In addition, ISP usually can only gain control of their own network, but not the traffic to Microsoft Global Network. With collaboration between UIH and Microsoft, UIH can offer several MS Office 365 solutions, they are


High Speed Internet for Business Service based on SD-WAN

UIH Internet

UIH Internet which dedicated bandwidth for Office 365 traffic. The customer can ensure speed and stability on using Office 365 all the time

UIH Cloud Internet

UIH internet which grooming all branches Internet traffic via centralized circuit which equipped with NextGen Firewall, VPN, Authentication,  and Log (complied with Computer-Crime Act 2017)

UIH Cloud Direct

UIH provide direct private circuit from customer private network to Microsoft Global Network via Azure ExpressRoute feature for Office 365

UIH Managed Service

With managed service, customer shall be rest assured that their services from UIH are covered from design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance by UIH experts

All services aim to relieve the technical concerns from customers operations so they can gear their resources and focus to their core businesses