Thailand’s Five Popular Security Solutions from UIH

As Thailand 4.0 or Smart Thailand is materializing, enterprises across the country start leveraging technologies and innovations for the purpose of boosting their business value and strategic advantages. Internet of Things and Cloud technology, in particular, have become increasingly popular. But wherever Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud services are concerned, a network system becomes more complicated for enterprises to handle. There is thus a big risk of loopholes via which ill-intentioned hackers may sneak in and wreak havoc.

 “We are living in the age whereby cyber threats are all around. In the face of growing threats, won’t it be better to let network-security experts comprehensively protect your system? This way, you will be able to focus on your business expertise or to grow your digital businesses,” -- Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Senior Deputy Managing Director of United Information Highway Company Limited or UIH 

Managed Security Services: The New Alternative of Thailand 4.0

As network systems grow complicated, new IT security needs emerge. To enterprises with limited IT personnel, it becomes so difficult to manage the system on their own. Importantly, they need to be careful about any investment in IT hardware given that Cloud era has already begun.

Recognizing the shift towards Cloud systems in Thailand and constraints facing various enterprises, UIH now offers Managed Security Services as comprehensive IT security solutions. The services cover everything from designing, to installation, and to 7/24 monitoring. With such solutions, UIH customers don’t have to invest in IT hardware and personnel themselves. This means a huge saving in their CapEx (Capital expenditure).

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Thailand’s Popular Cloud-based Security Solutions from UIH

 UIH is now well ready to provide various security solutions to business organizations across Thailand, be they small, medium or large enterprises. With these solutions, UIH customers don’t have to invest in hardware themselves. Even better is the fact that they have security experts to monitor and protect their network round the clock. The five popular Cloud-based security solutions from UIH are:

  1. Centralized Firewall

Leveraging Cloud-based next-generation Firewall, this solution blocks out cyber threats and unwanted traffic. It also enables app-usage control based on the policy of each customer. Well-experienced IT-security engineers watches over customer network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Equipment used for the Centralized Firewall meets ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013 standard. 

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2. SSL - VPN

Cloud-based SSL - VPN facilitates mobile working. With this solution, employees can access their company’s IT system and resources even if they are not in the office. UIH customers can control employees’ access fully in accordance with their policy. The SSL – VPN solution by UIH is compatible with Windows, macOS, Apple iOS and also Android.  

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3. Content Filtering

Boasting Cloud-based Secure Web Gateway technology, this solution efficiently controls the access of UIH customers’ employees to websites. Such content filtering ensures maximum Internet-usage efficiency and reduces the risks of employees’ browsing to dangerous websites such as those infected with malware or Phishing. On top of this, it reduces bandwidth usage for anything not related to UIH customers’ operations.


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4. Clean Mail on Cloud

This solution deploys Cloud-based Email Security Gateway in blocking malware-infected emails, spam mails, and Phishing mails. Even better is the fact that it offers email backups for UIH customers. There is thus no risk of email-data loss – something that may happen when customers conduct a system revamp. 

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5. DDoS Protection

It protects UIH customers’ online system from Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks. By filtering out unwanted traffic from Network Layer up to Application Layer, it ensures the system works fine even in the face of attempted attacks. Every month, UIH submits a report on DDoS Protection too. Customers therefore realize what threats their app and servers are facing.

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UIH Join Hands with i-secure to Deliver Best IT Security Services

UIH has partnered with i-secure – Thailand’s famous Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) – in conducting IT-security assessments for interested organizations. Customers will be informed of IT risks and advice on how best to deal with them. Thanks to counseling and Best Practices recommendations, they will be able to protect their IT security even from emerging cyber threats. Their IT risks therefore will be minimized.


Through our collaboration with i-secure, we can deliver the best Managed Security Services. We can help customers with everything from IT-system designing, to installation, to monitoring, to alert issuance, and even to the delivery of timely response to cyberattacks. With our comprehensive services, our customers can have peace of mind and focus on their core business. They can place their trust in us and let us take care of their IT security” -- Mr. Sunti Medhavikul, Senior Deputy Managing Director of United Information Highway Company Limited or UIH