Startup Battlefield Smart NextGen Column

In late April, I got an opportunity to check out the “Startup Thailand 2016" event. With more than 180 Thai tech startups gathering to showcase their services and products there, I can feel the dynamic power of the young generations. They have apparently had the energy to develop new applications and apply innovations to their businesses. I am so glad to see that so many more Thais now know how to unleash the power of their creativity and to use IT for greater income generation.

Thailand has currently seen the rising number of startups and Thai applications because of Internet and cellphone booms. While some startups are new faces, their creations reflect their huge potential. In addition, some startups do attract Venture Capital and thus get solid chance of growing further.

The Startup Thailand event featured several zones based on various business categories. For example, there were zones dedicated to fintech, health tech, life tech, logistics, agriculture, real estate, government and education. Many startups prove very interesting. Some of their apps, after all, are so relevant to people’s daily life. Tapsey app enables its users to conveniently find assistants. Whether they are looking for a house maid, a repairman, a photographer, a hairdresser or a makeup artist, they can always turn to Tapsey because this app serves as a platform to match their demand with existing supply. Service users and service providers can go to Tapsey to meet each other. Seekster functions in a much similar manner. This platform features a comprehensive list of service providers covering air-condition technicians, designers, tutors and many more. Seekster can promptly match the demand with the supply too.

To drive their business, these app providers will have to continue increasing the value of their products and services. Differentiation is a must. App developers must add interesting gimmicks. App providers can’t rely on the comprehensive range of product/service categories alone. Aside, app developers in fact may focus on just one or two categories to ensure their app has a more appealing strength.

Fiveloop app, for example, has chosen to appeal to just computer programmers and their hirers. It is undeniable that there is a shortage of such programmers and developers, but out in the field are many who have been working independently. So, Fiveloop gives independent computer programmers a platform to present their profile and talents. Employers, meanwhile, will come to the app to tell about their demand so that they can find qualified candidates.

In Thailand, startups are now booming. But it is by no means easy for these enterprises to achieve sustainable growth if they lack clear-cut business models or fail to keep up with consumers’ needs. Startups, moreover, will need to know how to manage business operations and financial stuff. They must plan and act fast, because technology has been evolving all the time. Their competitors will also be quick to copy their ideas. Meanwhile, traditional businesses will have to adjust themselves to startup trends. Or else, these new enterprises may hurt their operations.

Source: Krungthep Turakij