UIH BoD Provides a Shortcut to Your Business Success




In the today’s world of communications, bandwidth determines data transmission speed. So, enterprises need to think about bandwidth and seek a bandwidth allocated from service providers. Over time, they will also need to adjust their bandwidth up or down for a variety of reasons.



At UIH, one of the most frequently asked questions is “How much bandwidth will each enterprise need? How much bandwidth will efficiently accommodate real usage?” Normally, it is going to take time to get the right answers. This is because the answers do not lie with just major factors such as cost and Internet speed. Indeed, enterprises need to start using bandwidth first to really know what bandwidth quota will work best for their operations. This proves true not just among new service users but also the old ones. Bandwidth volume needed, after all, will change as soon as enterprises expand their businesses, upgrade their services, adjust their usage behaviors, or embrace new applications to keep pace with emerging digital trends. There is no one-size-fit-all formula either when it comes to determining bandwidth quota. Enterprises that set their bandwidth quota today, even with confidence that the specified volume is adequate and appropriate, may need to adjust their setting later on too. 


To upgrade bandwidth, service users usually need to prepare documents and undergo time-consuming process. They have to seek a budget, submit a request, and wait for approval as well as technical adjustments. Sometimes, their appointments to complete these procedures also meet with delays either on their own part or on the parts of their service providers. Such obstacles and many more can affect efforts to increase bandwidth and as a result hamper business operations/business opportunities.





UIH has recognized that bandwidth needs for some groups of customers have fluctuated during the day, during the week, or during the year. For example, hotels have huge demand only during peak season. Educational institutions, meanwhile, have recorded high bandwidth demand only during semesters. Bandwidth needs for some broadcast operators have also soared during their on-air time slots. 

Moreover, UIH has reckoned that customers sometimes need immediate bandwidth upgrade. For example, they may want to add bandwidth to its backup site when their main site is down. Or perhaps, they want to increase bandwidth to some specific circuits that are congested due to sudden high usage. Immediate bandwidth upgrade is necessary to ensure that these customers can maintain the quality of their services. In some cases, bandwidth upgrade is urgently needed to push ahead new business plans. 

In response to customers’ changing bandwidth needs, The idea of allowing customers “to increase or reduce their bandwidth allocation based on real usage needs” has transformed. UIH’s service concept from static bandwidth to the dynamic bandwidth. By logging into UIH’s Web Portal Service, they can adjust their bandwidth and more on their own. 

There is no need to worry about bandwidth ceiling. With UIH BoD, it is easy to adjust bandwidth quota via three easy and secure steps:
     1. Go online, open a Web Browser and access UIH Web Portal Service. Then, enter BoD page. (https://portal.uih.co.th).
     2. Sign in with your Username and Password. Confirm your identity with OTP (one-time password) sent via SMS.
     3. Select Bandwidth quota you want and reconfirm with OTP, which will be again sent via SMS.

Note: The system automatically stores Log Records about bandwidth adjustment so as to enable customers to check the history.
BoD Service is an efficient goal tools for bandwidth management. The flexible bandwidth can be adjusted up or down conveniently, customers enjoy not just greater cost efficiency but also greater business success. 

Source: Phusit Chevakanit, Engineer Expert, UIH