Connect to Cloud Service Providers at High Speed with UIH Cloud Direct

In the Digital Economy era, public cloud has proved so popular among business enterprises. This is because public cloud boasts many outstanding benefits. Being scalable, it requires low capital expenditure (CapEx). Its users, moreover, can connect from anywhere in the world to enjoy impressively fast services. Even large enterprises have increasingly opted for public cloud these days. 

Global brands like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have now ranked themselves among Public Cloud service providers. In their bid to respond to enterprise needs, they have offered Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and also Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Thanks to these services, it becomes so easy for staff to access IT resources of their enterprises and share data. Data transmission/sharing goes real smooth between headquarters and branches. Such public-cloud services also take a heavy burden off the shoulders of IT administrators, who otherwise would have to manage so many kinds of IT equipment in their enterprises’ data centers.


“According to Statista 2016, Public Cloud market is worth USD38billion (about Bt1.4 trillion) and growing. With Scalability and low CapEx as its selling point, Public Cloud will definitely find its way to every enterprise. Today, the question is not about if all enterprises will embrace Public Cloud. It’s about when”. -- Mr. Sunti Medhavikul – Senior Deputy Managing Director – UIH


Cloud VPN & Cloud Internet Basic Infrastructure in Digital Economy

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a basic network linking a headquarters to its many branches in stable and secure manner. But the Site-to-Site VPN, which is widely used today, involves complicated configuration settings. Connection management is difficult when the number of branches is high.

UIH, Thailands leading Managed Service Provider, presents Cloud VPN as an innovative solution for enterprises to connect their headquarters with all branches via Ethernet technology. This solution enables Layer 3 (Full Mesh) high-speed connections. In other words, data transmissions can be made directly without the need to reply on Internet. Such connection is not only fast but also secure. Importantly, Cloud VPN is easy to manage. It is also possible to adjust the bandwidth real-time in response to enterprises’ actual needs as UIH offers Bandwidth on Demand.

Outstanding Benefits of UIH Cloud VPN 

  • Full Mesh connections, with direct data transmissions among all branches.
  • Any branch can immediately take up the role of the center, in events that anything happens to the main center.  
  • Bandwidth on demand enables self-managed adjustment of bandwidth from 64 Kbps up to 1 Gbps.
  • Compatible with many protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, Routing Protocol, IPX, DECNET and SNA.
  • Supporting various applications including Data, Voice, Video and Multimedia apps like VoIP, Video Conference, Media Streaming.
  • Quality of Services
  • Operating on solid and big network of UIH, which allows fast data transmissions

In addition, UIH offers Cloud Internet service via which branches can go directly to Cloud VPN. Without any need to rely on the headquarters’ network, staff can fast access Cloud-based resources anytime, anywhere, at a lower cost and a lower risk of problems from headquarters’ network downtime.  

Direct Access to Cloud Service Providers with Cloud Direct

UIH in collaboration with leading Cloud Service Providers namely Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure/ Office 365 and Google, has presented Cloud Direct as a solution to users who yearn for an Optimum Path to Public Cloud. With Cloud Direct, access to Public Cloud services is direct and stable with latency more solid than any access from normal Internet.

For branches, their access to Public Cloud via Cloud Direct can be done in two ways. The first is the direct access via Cloud VPN to enjoy not just secure and stable connections but also fast speed. Such method also means traffic volume to headquarters will reduce. The second involves access via the headquarters. This option is good for an organization that wishes to manage traffic to the Cloud system strictly in line with its policy.

Faster, Securer, More Stable at a Lower Cost

UIH Cloud Direct is outstanding because:

  • Faster - Hop Count speaks volume here. An access to Amazon (AWS), for example, requires just four hops.
  • Securer – There is so little chance of traffic flowing past private links, which may be vulnerable to hackers or buggers.
  • More Stable- Latency is much more stable, when compared with normal Internet.
  • Lower Cost – Direct access to Cloud Service Providers costs less, when compared with VPN or normal-Internet access.
  • More Flexible – Service users may adjust bandwidth anytime and thus can deal better with unexpected things.

UIH has been a leading Total Managed Service Provider. We are outstanding because we can connect network system and Cloud services together efficiently via UIH Cloud Direct. This is an advanced form of services that help customers access Public Cloud in a fast, stable and secure manner. Top Cloud Service Providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are our partners” – Mr. Sunti says.


About UIH

United Information Highway Company Limited or UIH, a part of the Benchachinda Group, has operated its businesses in the ICT industry for well over 50 years already. Over the period, it has served more than 3,000 customers in both the private and government sectors. At present, UIH has expanded its services from broadband to Managed Network & Security Service too in response to the Thailand’s transition into the Digital Economy. As the new age requires advanced network system, high bandwidth, lower transmission delay, great IT security and also privacy, UIH has stepped in to provide solutions to customers’ emerging needs.

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