Work @ Home with Cloud Computing Will Keep you Safe from PM2.5 Threats

As PM2.5 dust particles fill the air with danger, any wish to go out for exercise becomes a concern. But more worrying is the fact that people have to continue working because businesses must keep going even in the face of PM2.5 threat and the shortage of facial masks. So, is there any great IT solution for this situation? The type that will allow you to work efficiently and communicate conveniently with your supervisor/colleagues without requiring you to leave the safety zone of your home. When you are at home, you can turn your air conditioner on and easily avoid PM2.5. UIH, an ASEAN's Digital Infrastructure and Solution Provider, has a great solution for you. Services by UIH always promise to empower your businesses and keep you ahead of others in the fast-changing and highly-competitive environment.

Flexible and Secure Business with Private Cloud

In the digital age, speed is very important to working people. They want instant information and thus their organizations try to provide that. Cloud services are of course perfect solutions for facilitating the transition into the digital era. But which one of Cloud solutions will enhance the ability to work anywhere? And how should you choose a solution provider? First of all, you must know the basics of each Cloud solution. That is how you will be able to choose the one that best suits your business. UIH Cloud Computing and Virtual Data Center services, for example, allow you to set up your Data Center within 15 minutes without the need to invest in hardware and software yourself. The solution proves very convenient. You do not need to set up the whole networking system yourself. The burden of system maintenance has also reduced significantly. With this solution, you can also get instant access to systems and information through Internet. These solutions enable you to adjust bandwidth in response to your needs in each month. The adjustment is real easy because you do not have to upgrade your system or computer at all. There are now three types of UIH Cloud Computing Services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) This IT infrastructure is similar to a computer system in that it has processing unit, networking system and storage. Also, its specifications can be adjusted to suit changing needs.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) This service is similar to IaaS. But it has special platforms that promise to significantly reduce your software cost and software development time. For example, Microsoft Azure is integrated to PaaS. Popular among enterprises, Microsoft Azure proves a great tool for cost reduction and smooth work flow

Software as a Service (SaaS) This service offers Cloud-based software, with the provider handling everything for you. So, you don’t have to worry about complicated IT task. By subscribing to SaaS, you can easily apply various IT solutions to your business operations. Among the best-known choices in SaaS are Microsoft Office 365, Accounting Software, and HR software that are provided through Internet.

With such solutions, you will not have to go to office at all. Aside, given various Cloud choices available, you can conveniently pick the solution that best suits your business. But don’t forget that Cloud system does not physically exist. Technically speaking, your Cloud is a virtual system linked to the service provider’s Data Center. So, it is necessary that you select the service provider who delivers services of international standards and maximum security for the sake of your own business efficiency.