What is 5G? New wireless communication technology.

Nowadays, a lot of people might have heard the word 5G. So what is 5g? Today, we will find the answer. 5G is a new generation of wireless technology which would replace 4G that we are familiar with. It isn’t limited to just mobile telephone but also includes every kind of equipment that can be connected to the internet (Internet of Things or loT).

Before discussing about 5G. Let's arrange wireless network technology in each era.

By starting from 1G, we talk on the telephone by analog system. Later we started to send MMS in 2G era and the most important turning point is 3G era where we can connect and roam the internet via mobile phone with a higher speed (between 220 kbps to 42.2 Mbps) up until the 4G era. We can choose to stream high definition content or movie as there are many speed for us to choose from whether it be 4G LTE (100Mbps), LTE Advanced (1Gbps). Are you ready to move into the 5G era?

How is 5G better than 4G?

  • Faster response. Various things can be operated quickly or almost immediately because it has low latency. It would respond as fast as 1 of thousand of second.
  • Support sending-receiving of more data comparing to 4G which can send-receive data  around 7.2 Exabytes per month but as for 5G, it would be around 7 times faster or 50 Exabytes per month.
  • It's faster. 5G is 20 times faster than 4G which is fast enough to watch 8K video online in 3D or download 3D movies within 6 seconds.
  • The frequency is more than 5G. The frequency can be used at 30 GHz which is a new frequency that has never been used before.
  • Covers 10 times more users in one area. From 1 hundred thousand people per 1 sq km to 1 million people per 1 sq km.

Benefits of 5G

There are many benefit and quality of life that comes with 5G, such as improved quality of watching videos or playing games online which allows users to experience higher resolution quality as well as the high speed connectivity via fiber optic. It can access every data on the cloud including pictures or videos as soon as one wants, downloading and uploading rates are higher than the 4G technology.

Moreover, 5G technology was designed to support a large amount of connectivity via internet or what we called loT such as driverless cars, remote surgery and factory robot. This new technology shows efficiency in the work operation which is considered 10 times faster than 4G technology. It also aids the technology of AR and VR in various activities such as field survey, remote public health, entertainment and large data bandwidth to access Cloud Computing. The 5G network have helped development potential of the retail system, online shopping and Smart Office and would lead to Smart Cities in the future.