10 Trends to Drive Business Growth in 2017

Anyone who is looking for technology-driven success can’t miss the following 10 trends. They are all set to shine in 2017.

1. Tools for Technology Products & Services

  Many people do not have any technical knowledge. But they do need to leverage technology. In 2017, technological stuff will become more important to businesses than ever before. Technology, after all, will become the heart of all successful business operations. For example, if we learn to use Content Management System like WordPress, we will be able to manage websites even though we do not have any technical background.

2. Tools for Personal Branding

  Today, business competition is fierce. But it gets much easier to develop personal branding or to link a brand to an outstanding person. Personal branding is a strategy to differentiate products and services. For example, Khun Tan (Ichitan) has associated his brand with much of his own personality. His admirers, therefore, support his brand without really considering much about product quality and prices. 

3. Online Training

   A decade ago, you might have never heard of online recruitment or online training. But today, technology firms have already started recruiting new employees online. They have even provided training and arranged conferences on online platforms. 

4. Hiring, not Firing Gen-Y

Many people believe Gen-Y people or Millennials are not just materialistic but also narrow-minded. Such wrong perception mostly stems from the fact that the Gen-Y do not work the same way the older generations do. In comparison, Gen-Y are more creative and have greater passion to achieve their goals. It should be noted that by now, executives at various companies are young. They are the key driving force for the companies’ success.  

5. Businesses up for Sale

Technology speeds up everything. People, moreover, have gained greater Internet access. In such situation, businesses need to adjust themselves a lot. As increasing competition is also in the picture, many entrepreneurs feel obliged to sell their business because they have failed to keep pace with the trend. 

6. Food Product Needs Nutritional-Fact Labels

   With health knowledge becoming widely available, consumers are now health-conscious. Technology, in all, has been driving health trend. So, healthy food will definitely enjoy growing popularity. 

7. Growth of E-Commerce

   E-Commerce has been on the scenes for quite a long time already. During some periods of time, E-Commerce faltered. Yet, it is predicted that E-Commerce will continue to grow particularly in light of the fact that E-Payment systems have now become widespread. E-Commerce flows more smoothly thanks to such efficient system. Various other apps have also contributed to this trend. E-Commerce has even expanded to several sectors of services including taxi and food-delivery services. 

8. Stronger Focus on Customer Relationship

   In the face of intensifying business competition, entrepreneurs find it difficult to compete on the basis of price or service quality. Their differentiation thus needs to rely more on customer relationship such as the provision of loyalty programs. Customer Engagement is more important than sales. When customers feel good about a brand, they will be loyal and sales will naturally soar. 

9. Employee Empowerment

   Employers will seek to empower their employees in a right way. Researches show their performance will be up by 21 per cent if they love what they are doing. So employers should identify where their employees’ interests lie and support them in those jobs. 

10. Eco-Friendly Products

            Love the Earth sentiment has been inculcated in people from Gen-Y onward. As these people are keen to turn off light, save water and embrace biodegradable products, they will go for the “green trend”. In the future, business solutions must integrate the green concept.  

Changes are coming. Are you ready for them? If you wish to see your business stay afloat, keep up with the trends.


Source: http://www.inc.com/leonard-kim/10-business-trends-that-will-grow-in-2017.html