Cloud Authentication


Cloud Authentication Service is a Software as a Services (SaaS) from United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH). It’s ready to use to authenticate Internet users and store Internet traffic data which comply The Computer Crime Act BE 2550 by identifying the user and password provided.

The service is classified into appropriate of the users.

  • Cloud Authentication for Corporate service is suitable for the organizations that have employees which are identifiable such as name, surname, and identification number of employee.
  • Cloud Authentication for Hotspot service is suitable for customers who provide Internet service to others, such as (1) Banking’s customer who is waiting to do transaction in the bank area, (2) the hotel offers its clients, the lobby, rooms, restaurant, (3) Coffee shop or Restaurant to serve customers who come to dine, etc. 
The system can be setup Up Speed ​​/ Down Speed of users, requiring hours of use.  The system can print the cards. (Voucher / Coupon) and record information such as People ID card.  In addition, UIH also offers self-register as a user can sign up on their own as well.