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Circuit ID is simply the identification number for each leased line. You will be given a Circuit ID number, just like a personal ID card number, for each of your lines. If you have a problem, and you know the Circuit ID of the malfunctioning circuit, our Customer Care Officers can immediately go to the problem and it can be solved quickly.

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching and is a high-speed network that has been developed from an old IP network. MPLS enhances the efficiency of data sending-receiving providing higher speeds and fewer delays. It efficiently supports various instant applications such as Data Voice and VDO.

There are 6 common causes of problems:

  1. Drop Wire line is damaged. This can be caused by the line being cut by a car; movement of electricity posts causing loss, leak or shortage; protection equipment down; or a customer’s internal line is down.
  2. Optical Fiber line is damaged. This can happen for the same reasons as listed above. Or it can be caused by cracks and burns.
  3. AC/DC electricity system malfunctions. This can happen when the electric current is cut by the electricity authority, or electricity posts are damaged during storms, or backup batteries malfunction or run out of power after 4 hours of usage.
  4. Damaged equipment: such as Modem, Card or Core network equipment.
  5. Internal customer problems: Modem has accidentally been switched off; network equipment malfunctions, internal lines or cables cut or damaged.
  6. Air conditioning system at line exchange is down. This can cause software and hardware problems.

Each optical fiber line is extremely thin, so cutting and mending require an expert with special equipment and tools. Optical fiber lines also pass along public highways, across mountains and forested or wilderness area so isolating the problem and reaching the specific area can be time-consuming.