Smart Warehouse Management Solution

Total ICT Solution for New-Generation Warehouse Businesses: Modern Approach for a Lower Cost and Ability to Turn Products into Cash at a Faster Speed

One of business-success factors lies with the generation of maximum business output from available resources at a reasonable cost. Leading enterprises, therefore, accord importance to maintaining a proper stock of products/raw materials. Inventory should be neither too much nor too little. Too much of inventory may leave too many products in stock and hurt cash flow. Too little, meanwhile, may disrupt manufacturing operations/sales. Enterprises thus should seriously embrace modern technology and software for efficient stock management. Such modern tool promises to not only lower cost but also efficiently facilitate sales/manufacturing. 

UIH Smart Warehouse Management Solution offers devices and software for comprehensive warehouse management. When you opt for this service, you will have no need to spend a lot of money on investing and developing system on your own. On top of this, the UIH solution delivers warehouse-management efficiency alongside excellent after-sales services.


Key Infrastructure

  • Cloud Based Service UIH provides its services on high-qualityCloud, giving you easier-to-use, convenient and highly-secure warehouse management system. This solution also means lower capital expenditure for device purchases. Better still, you can pay for services at a flat monthly fee.
  • Warehouse Management System This software is designed to increase your warehouse management efficiency, boost accuracy in stock-in/stock-out records, provide clear categorization, number and locations of items in warehouse, and also deliver convenience through barcode-based scans.
  • CCTV This system handles visual and audio recordings at your designated definition so as to ensure security at your warehouse. The system’s storage is large enough to keep the recordings for at least 30 days. Back-up power is available. You may watch what have happened around your warehouse via CCTV real-time or check their recordings later. CCTV is accessible via any Internet-linked smartphones and computers. 
  • Wi-Fi as a Service Comprehensive services are provided for warehouse management over wireless high-speed internet connection, covering all stages from system design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance. Wi-Fi as a service, a key part of Internet-of-Things(IoT) system, integrates data from sensors inside warehouses to enable real-time processing and management. Provided by UIH, this Wi-Fi as a service comes with Cloud Authentication and logging that will ensure full compliance with the Computer Crimes Act.  
  • Firewall as a Service This is an enterprise-level security service. Provided by UIH, it is available either as Firewall on Cloud or via UIH cloud, orFirewall on Premise. For the Firewall on Premise, you lease firewall devices for installations at your warehouses. The devices come complete with Managed Service and full-scale after-sales services.
  • Managed Service You can get complete ICT services from the stages of consultancy, to design, to implementation, to lease of network equipment, to management and to maintenance that ensure your local area network (LAN) works with highest efficiency. Managed Service by UIH means you do not have to waste your time and your human resources onhandling network system. This is a perfect solution for cost reduction and the shortage of IT staff.