Smart Office Solution

Update Your Office for Digital Age with UIH’s Total ICT Solution


In the digital age, public and private organizations alike are urgently adjusting themselves to digital disruption. In their bid to enable their staff to work at a faster pace and at greater convenience, Smart Office has become a growing trend. Several enterprises have now leveraged various technologies to transform themselves into innovation-driven organizations

UIH Smart Office Solution promises to turn your office into a smart and modern workplace. With this solution, your staff will be able to work smart through UIH’s high-speed and secure ICT technologies. Data transmissions, including audio and visual files, between your branches and headquarters will be done real fast. So, you can significantly save time and budget while enjoying great convenience and security. As your data will also be stored on Cloud, your staff will be able to work via high-speed and stable internet no matter where they are, at home, at office or while on the go. With UIH solution, there is really no limit on where you work and on where you can monitor your business

Key Infrastructure 

  • Collaboration This solution supports digitally-enabled business operations and inspires workforce via teleconferences. Thanks to UIH’s high-speed network, participants in teleconferences can clearly hear and see what are presented. Files can also be shared real-time. Teleconferencing services by UIH make conferences easier and more convenient than ever before
  • Wi-Fi as a Service Wireless high-speed internet by UIH comes complete with high level of security, with separate services to facilitate Free Wi-Fi for your customers and analyze their traffic
  • CCTV Managed by headquarters through internet, CCTVadds security to workplaces
  • Firewall as a Service Managed by UIH specialists, it provides protection down to users’ app level on branch-management system. Threats at any branch are thus always thwarted before they can reach other branches or headquarters
  • Cloud Services Leveraging Cloud technology, these services make it easier, safer and more convenient to work. Cloud InternetCloud ComputingCloud Backup, and various other Cloud-based solutions give competitive edge and opportunities to turn you into a business leader