Smart Logistics Solution

Total ICT Solution for Logistics Businesses

Logistics industry has been growing because of rising demand for business-to-business (B2B) deliveries, manufacturers-to-suppliers deliveries, transportations of products to warehouses/distribution centers, as well as business-to-consumer (B2C) deliveries. The industry, however, is also highly competitive today as all logistics service providers have competed for a bigger market share and a higher number of customers. Enterprises in the field have made serious efforts in improving quality, lowering cost, and responding best to customers’ needs. 

Designed based on the true understanding of logistics businesses, UIH Smart Logistics Solution combines ICT technologies with digital management platform for the purposes of empowering logistics enterprises, speeding up their service delivery, ensuring their delivery accuracy and efficiency, increasing their competitiveness, offering them competitive edges for nationwide deliveries, and also lowering logistics cost. If you are in the logistics industry, UIH Smart Logistics Solution promises to fulfill your key goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Key Infrastructure 

  • Cloud-Based Service UIH offers its service on high-quality cloud, giving you easier-to-use, convenient and highly-secure logistics management system. This solution also means lower capital expenditure for device purchases. Better still, you can pay for services at a flat monthly fee. 
  • GPS Tracking/Fleet Management You can comprehensively manage your logistics services with UIH solution because it enables GPS Tracking. You therefore can check your vehicle location on a web portal real time. Also on display are map, speed used, and rest time to ensure drivers’ compliance with laws. The GPS Tracking/Fleet Management function, moreover, allow you to easily plan transportations, monitor delivery status, issue orders during trips, provide navigation, take charge of transportation control, compile reports on deliveries, and prepare vehicle-maintenance schedule.
  • Camera in Car This function integrates audio/visual recording system into Cloud. Recordings therefore can be transmitted via wireless high-speed Internet to Cloud storage for live and retroactive checks. Recordings can be stored for up to 30 days. They can also retrieved from various devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can set the definition of recordings at various levels. Up to four cameras can be installed on each vehicle. Thanks to this feature, you can check if your driver is ready for his/her job, whether any accident happens, and also if any product has been stolen. 
  • Portable Scanner Allowing easy barcode/QR code reading for data recording, product-information display, and delivery address, this device ensures delivery accuracy.


In addition, UIH has many other ICT solutions to support logistics service providers. For example, Smart Warehouse Management Solution can complement your warehouse management system and raise its efficiency. With this solution, you will be able to check inventory real-time. As soon as deliveries are completed, items listed in the warehouse will be taken off. The system will replenish stock when inventory is below the minimum level set. This solution works fine with not just ready-for-use products but also raw materials. Because it enables efficient warehousing, your businesses will flow real smooth. There will be no risk of lost opportunities from understocking, overstocking or shortage of raw materials.