Smart Hotel Solution

Empowering Your Hotels with Total ICT Solutions

Thailand proves a popular destination, with its tourism industry expanding every year. For this industry, ICT integration promises to improve efficiency at both small and big hotels. ICT technologies, after all, can give greater convenience to guests, create bigger business opportunities, generate more income and secure a competitive edge. UIH now provides UIH Smart Hotel Solutions that are especially designed to significantly help you manage your hotel at a faster speed with higher accuracy and greater efficiency

  • Stable, Fast and Easy-to-Use Communications Network

Backed by UIH’s high-speed internet, your hotel’s communication network connects easily and real fast to the outside world. Communications within hotel and beyond are always faster over UIH’s secure and stable system. As every connection goes smooth, so does your use of applications be it Wi-Fi, VDO Conference, CCTV, IPTV, IP Phone, Cloud Computing, or Software as a service (SaaS)

  • Automatic Internet Management 

This Internet Management System is designed to complement Property Management System, for both front-office and back-office work, with automation. Hotel management, therefore, becomes more efficient. The system even includes guest Wi-Fi-access management. With this system, work redundancy is removed and staff get necessary information faster. Internet usage by customers can also be analyzed for better marketing planning. For example, analyses will allow hotels to efficiently conduct email/SMS marketing by delivering to customers relevant information or special promotions about the hotel. Such ICT-enabled tactic promises to generate more income and help your hotel secure business advantages

  • Security, Great Value for Money & Round-the-Clock Support Services

UIH offers Authentication System to ensure only authorized persons can access Internet-enabled applications at your hotel. With UIH Smart Hotel Solutions, traffic-data logs are also stored in line with the Computer Crimes Act too. The solutions also come complete with network protection and reports, which will help you assess risks and make well-informed decisions. Designed by UIH, Security Service Management system gives you the assurance that Internet security at your hotel is well maintained. Your guests will enjoy smooth, convenient and satisfactory Internet services 24 hours a day through UIH’s secure and stable network. Certified by world-class institutes, UIH team has solid expertise to support your hotel business no matter where you are based in Thailand. You can be rest assured that true IT experts stand by you all the time

Solution Infrastructure

Wi-Fi Solution

  • All-in-One services covering Wi-Fi system design, implementation and maintenance
  • Lower management cost
  • Carrier-Grade equipment for wireless high-speed Internet
  • Authentication system 
  • Traffic-data logging in line with the Computer Crimes Act

Internet & Customer Insight Management

  • User/Policy management system
  • Adjustable Log-in Portal
  • Registration with Social-Media Account
  • Single Log-In for Whole Stay
  • Compatibility with Property Management System
  • VDO Ad/Survey Prior to Log In
  • Ability to simultaneously serve more than 1,000 users in guestrooms/conference rooms
  • Customers’ Internet-usage data can be analyzed for marketing planning 
  • Efficient tool for the delivery of information/promotional news viaEmail/SMS to customers

Surveillance Solution

  • 24/7 surveillance in all zones of the hotel
  • Surveillance system records movements in Full HD 1080p format, with clarity even in low-light settings. Recordings from both days and nights are clear enough for face recognition, identification of vehicle license plate number, and characteristic of products.
  • Backup data is made available and archived
  • 360-degree cameras to comprehensively cover the whole hotel compound

In Room Entertainment Solution

  • Full HD TV
  • VDO on Demand
  • Radio on Demand
  • Display of hotel’s information, promotions and ads via TV screen