United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH)

UIH is a leading telecom operator in Thailand. Registered as a company limited, it won a concession to provide high-speed data transmission services to enterprises in 1996. Its business has evolved efficiently over time ever since. By now, it is well ready to step into Thailand 4.0 era with remarkable technologies and innovations plus services that are well designed for digital economy and society. Positioning itself as ASEAN’s Digital Infrastructure and Solution Provider, UIH now provides a great range of digital solutions and IT services. UIH’s IT infrastructure, software and Cloud system has already comprehensively covered Thailand and also various other Southeast Asian nations

UIH has established 7 different strategic locations across Thailand to enhance high performance of connectivity with ASEAN countries.

  • First location is in Chiang Rai province (on the border between Myanmar and Laos)
  • Second location is in Tak province (border to Myanmar).
  • Third location is in Nong Khai Province (border to Laos)
  • and the fourth location is in Mukdahan province, a boundary between Laos and the route to Vietnam.
  • Next location is situated in Srakaeo province (border to Cambodia and Vietnam).
  • The last two location are in Songkhla province where mark the boundary between Thailand and Malaysia.
  • UIH also setup two Point of Presences (PoP) both in Singapore and Hong Kong to connect to all global providers.

In pursuit of new opportunities, growing potential and greater competitiveness at international level, UIH has forged partnerships with many world-class firms. At present, UIH has also extended its high-speed network to Myanmar via Myanmar Information Highway Limited or MIH. In Myanmar, MIH has provided premium broadband services in 21 economic zones. Awarded the right of way by the Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC), MIH can install a fiber-optic network on electricity poles across Yangon. UIH has planned to constantly boost its presence across Southeast Asia paving way for Thailand to establish itself as the ultimate economic hub on the ASEAN Economic Community

UIH is the first Thai operator to have won the MEF CE 1.0 & CE 2.0 certifications, thus boasting solid credentials about network quality that is well on par with international standards. Throughout its operation, UIH has also never stopped bringing its service standards to the next level with constant upgrades of service quality, equipment and internationally-certified personnel

UIH is introducing digital experience to our employee as part of digital transformation, starting from e-learning and open career development opportunities to diversify employees’ skills toward high-demand skills. UIH is also under-going to simplify business process to become agile, more light weight and, at the meantime, to maximize our human resource efficiency.

UIH Profile 2019