United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH)

United Information Highway Co., Ltd. (UIH) provides Digital Infrastructure and Solutions which are reinforced with Terabit-per-second network on fiber optics covering all business areas throughout Thailand.UIH has continued expanding its communications services to cover neighboring countries and that makes UIH a Gateway for ASEAN hub. UIH also widens its services to new areas, exploiting 20+ years of experience together with new technology knowledge, which are Managed Services, Cloud Services, world-standard Data Center, Cyber Security and Digital Solutions in which are supported by professional service teams who are available 24/7 to ensure end-to-end continuity of its customers’ operations.

UIH is the first Thai operator to have won the MEF CE 1.0 & CE 2.0 certifications, thus boasting solid credentials about network quality that is well on par with international standards. Throughout its operation, UIH has also never stopped bringing its service standards to the next level with constant upgrades of service quality, equipment and internationally-certified personnel

UIH is introducing digital experience to our employee as part of digital transformation, starting from e-learning and open career development opportunities to diversify employees’ skills toward high-demand skills. UIH is also under-going to simplify business process to become agile, more light weight and, at the meantime, to maximize our human resource efficiency.

UIH Profile 2019