UIH believes in the principals of customer satisfaction and social responsibility. Complaints concerning the company’s services and staff are high priority matters and we will endeavour to quickly resolve them in a fair and polite manner. In doing so, we will try not to obstruct the company’s business operations and will comply with The National Telecommunications Commission regulations.

User’s right to complain

Customers not satisfied with our services should make an initial complaint to the company. If the complainant is still not satisfied by our problem solving procedures, they can then appeal to the industry regulator or the consumer protection agency.
The complainant has the right to involve their lawyer, or an appointed third party, to join the problem solving procedure at any time.

Types of Complaint

1. Fees and service charges
1.1 Fees and/or service charges are not as specified in the service contract.
1.2 Fees and service charges, other than those specified in the service contract, are changed without prior notice and customer agreement
1.3 Fees and service charges, as specified in the service contract, are changed without prior, or sufficient, notice being given as specified in the contract

2. Telecommunication service standard problems Service is below standard specified in the service agreement, such as: Quality of Service : QoS
Customer Service Guarantee : CSG, Service Level Agreement : SLA

3. Other contract breaching problem of which the Company does not comply with NTC or government rules. Such as the protection of a customer’s personal information, the right to privacy, or freedom of communication

4. Company specific problems The Company fails to notify the customer, or relevant person, of system changes that will affect a customer’s use of a particular service and may adversely affect their business

5. Officer service problems For instance, Company representatives using improper language or inappropriate dress

6. Other problems

Complaint channels

Complainants can make their grievances known to the Company, either in person, or via phone, or e-mail

  • In Person: United Information Highway Co., Ltd.
  • Head Office: 499 Moo 3, Benchachinda Building, Vipavadi-Rangsit Rd., Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900.
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 17.30.
  • By Telephone: Complaint Center: +66 2016 5678 or fax +66 2016 5073 Anytime 24/7
  • By e-mail: cc_suport@uih.co.th
  • Via website: https://www.uih.co.th or you can contact UIH 24 hours

Means of making complaint

Information needed to support a complaint
Those who are not satisfied with our services should provide the following information when making a complaint:

  • Complainant’s name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address
  • Relationship between complainant and Company
  • Subject of complaint
  • Request for action to be taken

Once we receive the complaint we will immediately try to resolve it.

Time taken to resolve complaint

  • Initial complaint investigation, where the problem is shown to be not specific to the Company or lacks evidence, will take 7 to 14 days from the day of filing.
  • Complaints relating directly to internal Company problems will take 3 to 7 days.
  • Once a problem has been acknowledged, the Company will endeavour to correct the problem within 14-30 days; unless the problem relates to a third party over whom the Company has no control, in which case we will keep complainant updated on progress every 10 days.

UIH has company guidelines concerning how we receive and solve complain