Benchachinda Group welcomes internal and external stakeholders of the organization to report clues or complaints in regards to the company’s fraud, legal and ethics violations. The complainants will receive full protection while all misconduct reports will be secured and kept confidential during the complaint process.

In this regard, we strongly encourage the complainants to reveal their identities and/or submit concrete evidence related to the matters. If the complainants choose to be handled confidentially, please make sure that your testimony is legitimate and your evidence are accurate and fully support your statement.  Complaints dismissed to appeal include:

  1. Complaints that lack witnesses, evidence or circumstances of wrongdoing to conduct further investigation.
  2. Complaints without further substantial proof and any accusations that have been fairly taken under authorized consideration or already passed the unanimous decision cannot be proceeded and taken into further actions.  

Complainants can notify clues or submit their complaints regarding frauds or corruptions via the following channels:

Benchachinda Group’s intranet feedback handling system

Or send a mail addressing to:
President and Executive Chairman or Head of the Legal Department or Head of People Service or Head of Internal Audit Department

499 Benchachinda Bldg, Kamphaeng Phet 6 Rd, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900. 

Complaint Form